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Hottest Web Hosting Services of 2017

We are into phase of drastic technological shift where from every blogger to entrepreneur or business owners are emphasizing on a common need that is to build a quality and reliable online existence. Every human that has an electronic gadget with network enabled in it has motivated every online business owner to set up a digital marketplace and static or dynamic websites. Internet entrepreneurs are now more curiously establishing their online presence rather than spending their investment in marketing firms, stores, advertisements. Rising number of internet users and growing online shopping trend are one of the vital factors that have forced the entrepreneurs to put their business services and product online.

Web Hosting Services of 2017

We have just moved into 2017, and compared to the worldwide demand for web hosting services served in 2016, frankly speaking, the figures were magical. The competition among the web-hosting service providers gets intense and extreme. Now, there comes a scenario where you might get puzzled looking at the services and packages offered by the top web hosting companies. But there are some vital and must follow key points you should consider before purchasing one. There are infinite numbers of myths related to web hosting; this is the first key point that should be kept in the mind. Believe things, only if you experience it, same goes with the web hosting plans. Many hosting companies provide a fancy offer that seems to be attractive and useful but it also has one * in the statement saying that terms and conditions applied. Its services delivered in the hosting package includes storage, email, data transfer limit, and other services that can also be activated through month-to-month payments or one-time annual payment.

Payment comes far later, first analyzing the need, utilization purpose, and cost of the plan needs to be decided. Hosting isn’t totally new for us, every individual who deals with websites’ are familiar with the terms such as WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual hosting (VPS) and last but most commonly preferred is shared hosting. However, these types of hosting are segregated and referred as packages. Let’s make it very clear and simple so that it can ease the selection process of the hosting packages. Web hosting services majorly depend on money, traffic, data transfer, features, and support. The more extreme is your need the more you have to spend which in return also comes with some extra efficient features and after-sale services and support. Comparing to the above fact, it all depends on how much you want your website to flourish online and at what speed and duration.

It is recommended to pre-plan the hosting duration at a very early stage so when the traffic pours in, you can sleep better at night knowing that your site can handle it. Many hosting companies also provide refund policies if you wish to change the service provider or cancel you’re hosting.

Select Features That Suit Your Need

The basic starter package mostly starts from limited features. The most trending feature that is used by the hosting companies to make money by giving a normal website builder app, that isn’t so costly. Most of the companies charge some extra bucks if you wish to take site builder application, Bluehost is the official “wordpress” recommended company.

24×7 Customer Support

The 24/7 support is post checkout procedure but don’t you dare to check out the cart if the 24/7 support service isn’t in the package. No matter by what mode the service is provided; may it be by call or chat or through tickets, there has to be someone guiding you from the service provider side in case you get stuck while setting up your website and other related installations. Companies like GoDaddy and Liquid Web are well known for their customer support squad.

Email Enabled Hosting

If you wish to have a maximum active presence, you probably need this email hosting feature. Generally, web host provides email feature along with the hosting plans, some of them even offer unlimited email account creation which is a beneficial investment for the future perspective.

Uptime should be always up

The above services are important but it doesn’t match the significance of the up-time. The more your site is up more are the chances of the potential clients, customers, and visitors. Web host who failed to uphold the uptime is severely penalized during the review process which affects their rating on the web.

Keeping these above details in the mind, hope now the process seems to be more simplified and would helpful in terms of selecting the best web hosting service providers.

Below are the top web hosting service providers that ranked on the top in our 2017 listing.

  • Hostgator Web Hosting
  • 1&1
  • InMotion Web Hosting
  • DreamHost
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost Web Hosting
  • Hostwinds
  • Liquid Web
  • A2 Web hosting service
  • Arvixe Web Hosting
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