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Computers, tablets, and other gadgets came into our kids’ lives from birth. Thank God, the parents stopped quilting the new techs in harming children but started purchasing those gadgets that would become the powerful tools for intellectual development. Some of such assistants could be found on Topchartex. Let’s deal with the most interesting devices in terms of their educational value.

Educational Gadgets to Learn Effortlessly

  1. Drawing Tablets

The special models for kids make digital art easier and allow small children trying themselves in it. Besides, it is a good way to increase the traditional drawing and painting skills. Parents should be happy as well – no mess, spilled water, and painted clothes.

To make the process useful and exciting, the right choice of tablet is crucial. It should have the sturdy build quality and the wireless module is desirable to let the kid use the tablet wherever he wants (the module is optional usually and can be bought separately). The unit should be reliable, have a large area to draw on, and be compact enough to use it on the desk. The comfort of the pen and the number of customizable shortcut keys are also important.

  1. Laptops

This gadget is versatile to improve the results in different school subjects and to become a great entertainment. Before buying the laptop, it is essential to take into account the objectives of its surfing. For example, if any student will take it to school, the laptop should be light but reliable as a netbook, for example.

If you decided to get the laptop that will grow together with the kid, it is better to pay attention to a more expensive model to let the child create text documents, draw, use photo editor, watch a video, and play games. The most meaningful features are screen quality (it is better to choose matt displays), operating system reliability, and parental control, indeed.

  1. 3D Printing Pens

This gadget became a real breakthrough in modeling letting people draw in space. When choosing the 3D pen for children, you can refer to a budget variant without a display, but built-in safety features and ergonomic design (lightweight and slim body) are more important. The most advanced models have the cooling tech to protect kids from scalding. Some pens are equipped with an LCD screen to inform about the temperature and the rest of the material inside.

  1. Programmable Transformer Robots (Robopal)

Do you think that kids are too young to learn to code? No way, it prepares them for the living in the world we live today. Also, it doesn’t need to be complicated. This gadget with its magnetic coding blocks teaches kids code languages in an easy and a creative way. The kid connects different types of blocks (Action, Logic, Functions) to make the robot do something. 10 USB ports and extra accessories allow creating more robot’s possibilities.

  1. Interactive Books

This interactive tool is intended for enhancing engagement in learning. The students fill the words in the iBook. The slides change in some time and the filled words disappear. Students are motivated to get all the missing words and to be more attentive. They don’t need their exercise-books because the iBook collects all their content including personal notes.

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