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Hexlock: A Smart Lock For Your Android Apps

New age security applications demand higher flexibility and features. Just locking your phone doesn’t help you protect your privacy in all the situations. For instance, your co-worker might ask for your smartphone to make an urgent phone call, and access your personal data. Similarly, your kid may inadvertently delete an important file while playing games on your smartphone. We all are very vulnerable to many similar situations. Therefore, our smartphones require a more dynamic and intelligent security system.


Hexlock, an app developed by Liquidum Limited, offers intelligent control over apps. For instance, you can lock certain apps — like facebook — while you are at work in order to prevent unauthorized access. Similarly, you can use parental control — which limits access — and prevent your kids from conducting in-app purchases.

Automation & Reliability

With any security app, automation and reliability hold the key. Hexlock activates your preset profiles automatically on known networks. Which means, the moment you are connected to a wifi network at work, Hexlock will lock the applications marked under “work profile”. Once you set it up, you can enjoy complete automation in locking the apps.
As far as the reliability is concerned, this app can’t be uninstalled without the pin or the lock sequence; this gives you a complete protection. Hence, if your coworkers or friends frequently borrow your phone, you don’t have to fret about them accessing or deleting your personal data.

Ease of Using

There are many tools that can be configured to lock apps, but either they have a workaround, or they are too complicated to operate. This gets Hexlock’s interactive UI (User Interface) an edge over others. Once you download the Hexlock app, it is easy to get started. The smooth screen flow makes the profile setup very easy.

Customization and Parental Control

Hexlock makes a list of all your installed apps, and lets you lock the ones that you want at a particular setting — like work, home etc. Parental control ensures that your kids don’t make unauthorized purchases for games; at the same time, it doesn’t stop them from playing games. You can customize the profiles, and networks based on your requirements.

 Gives Complete Protection

Hexlock isn’t limited to protecting your apps anymore. Recently, its developers announced media vault, where users can hide private files. Moreover, in addition to pin and swipe pattern, it now also accepts fingerprint as password — which is only available in smartphones that support fingerprint detection.

Overall, this is a fine app for anyone seeking contextual security application to protect their privacy.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
Suumit is the serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a successful digital marketing agency by the name of Risemetric. To know more about him, you can follow him on Twitter


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