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Best Gaming Gadgets You Should Know in 2016

Whenever thinking about gaming, we tend to refer to PlayStation Units, Xbox and various PC accessories that are available at the moment. This is what everyone thinks about but we will talk about what gaming gadgets you can use to have a really great time right now, those gadgets that you do not normally associate with gaming. They can make the entire experience a lot better and there are some unique interactions that exist with different game types, as with what we refer to in the smart gadgets section below.


VR Gadgets

VR gadgets are a huge focus for manufacturers from all around the world, with so many real life applications that are simply amazing. The fascination with virtual reality has existed for many years now but 2016 is definitely the year in which we are really close to seeing this become reality.

VR devices that are specifically designed for gaming are being developed and release this year. They will make the entire gaming experience different, taking what made the Wii successful to a brand new level because of the way in which we can end up submerged in games.

Keep in mind that we are still in a developmental stage with these devices. It will take some time before we will have exactly what we want from virtual reality in gaming but we will see Oculus stepping up and various other applications that will be really interesting. They need to be taken into account.

Smart Gadgets

When mentioning smart gadgets we naturally think about smart watches, smart phones and much more. These are normally connected with other activities, normally business or social media interaction related. In terms of gaming, we basically think about Facebook games and the possibility to play online.

Online casino is the industry that is actually driving development and it’s particularly important with smart gadgets. You can play online casino games on these smart gadgets, 2016 will be a year in which the mobile smart gadgets will highly be influenced by online and mobile gaming platforms. We will not see huge development in the technical side of smart device gaming. For instance, you will have access to strong Java based applications that will allow you to play many games right inside the browser.


Not much changes in 2016 with the gaming experience that appears on tablets. However, technology is stronger now than in 2015. Because of this, we can say that there is a great shift towards some great 3D applications available with tablets this year. It is not at all difficult to play on tablets these days.

We will get to see brand new games that will appear for tablets and that will take full advantage of the better technology that is to be included in the gadgets. However, we will still not have many impressive improvements that are simply stunning. The main focus will still be on the same games that are normally seen on regular mobile devices but better versions are being developed for tablet technology.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
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