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Here’s How to Make Sure You Get a Good Deal When Buying SD Cards in Bulk

There are many reasons why people need larger than average numbers of SD cards; including bulk buys to supply them to all the staff members of a large company or organization, because they are used in a product being manufactured by a business, or perhaps to pre-load them with data and use as giveaways/takeaways from an event.

Whatever motivates bulk SD card orders doesn’t really matter, as everyone wants to make sure they get the best deal possible, and for buyers that means receiving a quality product which is fit for purpose, in a reasonable time frame, and at a price which both reflects and respects the large order being made.

When Buying SD Cards in Bulk

Here we look in more detail at some tips on how you can make sure you too get a good deal when buying your SD cards in bulk.

Only order from companies which have genuine reviews and recommendations 

It’s a sad fact that in the world of SD cards the chances of buying either fake or poor quality cards are pretty high, especially if you buy from a random foreign source. Plenty are happy to send you a smaller, trial or test batch, but at best these will be fine but any subsequent order will be useless, or they will be useable for a time but have issues such as being extremely slow.

Rather than waste your time and cash you should either ask plenty of people for direct recommendations or look for reputable suppliers who are based in the USA and can cater for customers who prefer buying sd cards in bulk. Always search the internet for reviews from several sources to avoid biased comments.

Check the quantities of SD cards a company works with 

You may find an excellent seller who you really want to work with but then find they simply don’t have the stock to fulfill orders of the size you want to place.

Don’t be tempted by really cheap options 

There’s a reason why people say things like ‘you get what you pay for’. While a store in the mall may have a genuine sale on packs of say, ten SD cards, you have to be realistic and accept that barring random flash sales there is only so much discount you can reasonably expect without entering the murky world of fakes. Quality SD cards cost money to produce and get to store level of the chain – they are not (if genuine) a really cheap item to churn out without care.

Ask a reputable company for a bulk buy discount 

Most should be willing to talk about some form of discount for certain quantities of orders.

Pay in a way that protects your money 

PayPal is always a good choice, and unless the seller is in a restricted country there’s no good reason why they don’t have/use this payment method. It could be they are suspended from it, or they don’t like being held accountable for shoddy goods. PayPal offers consumers protection, and the opportunity to claim back cash for items which are faulty or unusable in some way, so you should avoid company’s who don’t offer this option and insist on a bank transfer  – with very limited protection – instead.

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