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Here Is What We Know About A New Insuretech Startup Called Olive

Paying for the costs of certain repairs for your vehicle can burn a giant hole in your pocket. It is the reason extended car warranties exist. Are you planning to purchase such an extension? Well, an insuretech startup is here in town to take care of all your woes. Yes, you read that right. The startup named Olive, which you can visit here, ensures that it will protect all the bits responsible for keeping your car moving. It offers mechanical breakdown coverage for California and extended warranties covering the rest of The States.

Olive Extended Auto Warranty


Olive is a promising startup that is gaining momentum and has garnered a good rapport with its customers. Let us take you through the basics about Olive in the following sections.

What Is It That Olive Does?

Maintaining a car for years is not a piece of cake. The machines designed to keep your car moving can give up at any moment or show tantrums at any place, any time. These parts have to be covered so that you do not have to panic with a massive bill after a breakdown. Car warranties that you get while buying a car usually expires before your vehicle’s various parts start having mechanical errors. If you intend to keep your transport for a longer time, then an extended auto warranty is recommended. It is here that Olive comes into the picture. The startup ensures to protect all parts of your engine and transmission, electrical components, AC systems, and your instrument cluster with its extended warranty plans. Further, the payment increments the startup offers will help you get out of significant cost repairs.

What Is So Unique About Olive Extended Auto Warranty?

The insuretech startup boosts of offering benefits that no other has provided before. Some of the services are:

  • You do not have to wait for long. Get the quote on a day and get covered starting from the next day.
  • You can start the coverage with up to 140,000 miles on your drive.
  • There are no annual mileage limits. Olive ensures to cover up to 185,000 miles irrespective of the time it took to reach that mark.
  • The monthly payments are affordable.
  • You can cancel your warranty anytime.
  • The entire process is online, which makes it more convenient. Olive has also provided you with the facility of giving them a call at 866-529-8152. You can reach them as per your choice.

How Can You Opt For Olive Extended Car Warranty?

Olive has made sure that you do not have to go through any hassle while purchasing a deal from them. Making the affair comfortable, the startup has initiated a warranty process as easy as a three-step method. The steps are:

  1. You only have to request an extended car warranty quote and instantly buy online.
  2. You have got the liberty to choose from different policies. Several plans have been designed for your high-mileage needs to low-mileage fun. Olive has got it all covered. Its various plans are:
  • Olive powertrain plus
  • Olive complete care
  • Olive powertrain
  1. After picking the right plan for you and your car, you are covered with its extended warranty. You can enjoy it as much as you want because Olive has got your back.

Why Should You Go For Olive?

You might be wondering why you should choose Olive. Well, the answer is because Olive ensures that its extended auto warranty will help you hit back the streets in no time and without spending a massive amount of dollars. You do not have to wait for the ’30-day period’ and get covered instantaneously.

Olive makes you feel confident to go on any trip of your choice and to any terrain. It ensures to cover the first $100 of a towing bill across the US.

The insuretech startup understands the investment that you have made in your car. Therefore, it makes sure you have your peace of mind even after deciding to keep the vehicle for a more extended period.


Going for an extended auto warranty is not a bad idea, after all. Insuretech startup Olive has offered several benefits in its various types of extended car warranties that will help you maintain your calm during any mechanical breakdowns. With Olive by your side, you can go on your adventure trips and leave worries back at home. They have your back at any place across the United States. We have put forth all that we knew about Olive and are hopeful that it will help you shed a burden off your shoulders.

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