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Here Are the Apps You Need To Install On Your Smartphone

New phones come with a bucket-load of apps that enhance connectivity, streaming, photo-taking, and even managing office affairs at home. In a technology-centric world, app stores debut new apps to add to the already existing slew of apps. It is brain-churning what some of these apps can do. With the right app, you can unlock your phone’s potential, transform your space into a movie theater and even earn some money. On the downside, other apps are outright duds. But how do you know which apps provide real value? We have rounded up a list of the best apps every phone must have in 2022.

Apps You Need To Install On Your Smartphone

1. SHAREit

A cross-OS file-sharing app is a necessity in 2022. SHAREit creates a hotspot on the sender’s phone and establishes a Wi-Fi connection from the receiver’s phone. The sending speed is incomparable to what other file-sharing apps provide. The significant merit is the application is free and allows file transfer to and from your PC.

2. Betting app

As sports fans, we love putting our money where our mouth is. That’s why we use Betway. Access the Betway Ghana app download from the official Betway website. The app provides you with unlimited betting options for your winning teams. The bonuses and reliable live streaming are some of the major perks. With instant payouts and boosted odds, it is the ultimate betting up you must have in 2022. Download the app and make money on the go. Certainly, millions of Ghanaians who use the app can’t be wrong.

3. Meta

Meta, formerly Facebook, is a social media giant that has taken a step further to revolutionize the global village. Meta bridges the virtual and physical reality gap, improving connectivity, dating, advertising, and e-commerce. The app is a must-have as we age into a new era in the metaverse. With Meta, you retain the same Facebook reliability and create a small community with your friends.

4. Twitter

The birthplace of the hashtag and trending occurrences worldwide is arguably the second-best social media app after Meta. Twitter provides real-time updates and engrossing threads that keep you in the know and elicit a laugh. The multifaceted platform also has its unique messaging service (DM), and you can restrict the people who can comment on your post to curb the routine derogatory comments. Despite that, it is still the best app for getting news on the go. Pair it up with a notification app for the ultimate experience.

5. Spotifz

You can’t love music and lack Spotify. Spotify provides holistic music services from streaming, creating your playlist, and listening to your friends’ playlists. The extensive genres Spotify has alongside custom playlists endears many, and it will be a valuable addition to your phone. Be sure to purchase the premium version. The free version has ads in between songs, and there’s a limit to the number of songs you can skip in an hour. Alternatively, you can try Deezer.

6. Call of Duty

App stores are not short of First Person Shooter games, but Call of Duty (COD) is where the minerals are. COD is a shootout game with various missions and multiplayer options. The graphics are idyllic, the movement of characters superb, and the shooting realistic. COD compresses the whole battlefield to your phone, and it is a must-have app for decoupling from reality. Scaling up the ranks unlocks new guns and other cool features such as battle passes.

7. SafeTrek

SafeTrek is a security app that enhances your protection and provides rapid alerting in an unsafe neighborhood. The app works on a touch-release mechanism. If you feel unsafe, you press and hold the button on the app until you are in a safe spot. Releasing the button when in danger immediately notifies the local authorities or any nearby law enforcement units. It is the app you need for late-night walks to your home.


With millions of apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming. The above hand-picked apps are productivity-enhancing applications and what you need to make your phone unequivocally smart. Notice we have overlooked notable mentions such as WhatsApp and Telegram since phones come with them right off the shelf. The above apps provide real value to you without cluttering your phone.

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