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Help Desk Software: What Features to Look For

When you are running a company and have various IT solutions or hardware, it may be a consideration to invest in a software package that allows you to monitor your company IT reliability, breakdown issues etc. No matter how big or small your company is, there is increasing company reliability on IT equipment being effective and working. This reliability should also include cell phones. The help desk software packages that are available are pretty simple and easy to use where they allow simplicity for managing the assets. Here are some of the things you should look out for with IT help desk software.

Help Desk Software

Password Reset

How many passwords do people require to remember nowadays for all different types of software packages? If you are not using a particular IT package frequently, it can be easy for you to forget the password (or if you go on vacation for a few weeks) then remembering the password could be a challenge. The hassle of then trying to reset it with different email links etc. and memorising the answers to your security questions can be a waste of time. With the Help Desk Software, you can easily unlock accounts and reset them if required. It all becomes a lot easier with one central way to control this.

Asset Management

With the IT helpdesk asset manager, you would be able to see the full list of all the IT assets you have. This list would include printers, computers, monitors, laptops, cell phones etc. You can go a step further and start to assign assets to specific people or locations, so it is easier to understand the details. Most companies have asset lists for everything significant which includes furniture etc. This asset list for all your IT will feed nicely into this and should be allocated to your accountant at the end of each financial year.

Employee logs

If an employee has an issue with a specific IT equipment item, then you want to encourage them to report this and get resolution as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for them to ignore this and to then not get the right fix in place efficiently, as the problem could then get worse and then more costly to fix or even affect their ability to work effectively. You want an IT help system that allows an employee to log in, click on the distressed asset and report the issue. Simple as that. This way the employee can also check back to see someone has picked up the issue and looking to resolve.

Monitoring Breakdowns

If you have data around your breakdowns of IT sytems or hardware, you will then be able to plan your business more effectively. This plan may mean bringing in rental IT equipment on a temporary basis. In addition to this, you will be able to see trends on the IT to see if there are repeat breakdowns where the cause of the problem is not being fixed effectively.

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