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Have An Eagle Eye On Your Child Activities With The Parental Control App

Technology has invaded development of the child today but being bound by the technology assistance everywhere children are moving out of parental control.  Irrespective of their busy schedule, it is essential for the parents to monitor the everyday life of their children to know the factors that are influencing their overall development. Even at this juncture technology comes handy for the parents, the new phone tracking app by Family Orbit helps you play the game easy.

Every child holds a smartphone today. Parents have to take advantage of this factor and monitor real-time activities of your children without the need for erasing the thin line of difference between spying and supervising.  Though the benefits of smartphones for today ’s generation cannot be ignored, they are growing in the meantime it is compelling parents to pick the phones from their hands. Rather than giving the space for unnecessary arguments between two, why not take advantage of phone tracking app for your children.

Monitor real-time activities of teens

Teenage is the most critical growth phase of the children. Every incident and every acquaintance they have at this stage will have a significant influence on their overall development. The places they visit, the people they meet, aspects they browse, everything should be monitored by parents to guide them on the right path. Generally, teens are reluctant to share every activity they do with the parents either due to the fear or unable to bear the thought that they are being questioned by the parents every minute. Using the  parental control eases  the  way for both parents and  children

What can you do with parental control app?

When you have this parental control app installed on the smartphones of your children connected to app account on your phone, you will not only know whereabouts of the children but also hint them speed alters while they are on a drive in your absence. Things that they browse on the internet have a more significant influence on the life of the children. Most of the parents are worried about how the technology today is influencing the lives of their child. Parent control app, also, will facilitate the parents to track the browsing history of their children and take an immediate action to control their activity if something goes suspiciously.

How will GPS tracking help you?

The app features GPS tracking. The parents using the app can easily spot the whereabouts of the children on a day. You can quickly know  If your child is reaching an unusual location without your notice.  Today ’s generation gets irritated when their private life is distrusted irrespective of the risk that is involved in visiting that particular location.  There is no need for you to call or text your child, the tools in the app help to monitor their real life at a distance while giving that desired space to grow as an individual.  It is next to impossible for the parents to have real-time supervision on the activities of the children when they are occupied with busy schedules, the new feature in the app helps you track location history so that you can know about the locations visited by the child in a day and the time they go there.

Geo-fence alert          

When you don’t have time to monitor all the activities of the child in a day, you would like to be alerted if the child leaves a designated area. Geo-fence feature of the parental control app works smart at this juncture. The feature works at the best if your child is new to the location or you want to control the activities of young children that love to explore. You can even run a stop sign with the speed alerts through the app and help your child develop healthy respect towards safe driving.

Monitor browsing data

As it is said that, things they browse on the internet has enormous influence on their overall development of the child, the Wi-fi history feature on the app facilitates you know where the children hop online and understand what they browse through to take preventive action.



Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
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