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Harm and Hammer Glow in The Dark Pepper Spray with Glass Breaker. Stay Protected Anywhere

The Harm & Hammer packs two powerful forms of self-defense into one convenient keychain design. Its red pepper spray and steel point emergency glass break hammer provide individuals with the peace of mind to go anywhere, knowing they can quickly access safety measures when needed – all while easily carrying it on their person or keeping it tucked away in a safe space. When used as intended, the pepper spray will cause an assailant to experience intense burning and coughing sensations upon contact with their eyes and skin. Even in large groups or at close range, one shot of this potent formula is enough to temporarily incapacitate most attacking threats while allowing you time to safely escape.

The Dark Pepper Spray with Glass Breaker

Benefits of the harm and hammer pepper spray

  1. Non-lethal form of self-defense to quickly incapacitate potential threats.
  2. Convenient, reliable keychain design allows for easy carrying and access when needed.
  3. Potent pepper spray formula causes intense burning and coughing sensations in contact with eyes and skin.
  4. Steel point emergency glass break hammer can be used to create a quick exit in an emergency situation.
  5. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate various personal needs or preferences.
  6. Holster clip included for convenience when attaching it to a purse, backpack, or other items of clothing for quick access during an emergency situation.
  7. Affordable pricing that makes it accessible for all budget levels seeking dependable self-defense options.
  8. Glow in the dark finish for nighttime visibility, so you can always see and grab it even when the lights are out.
  9. Instructions included providing individuals with essential safety information and direction.
  10. Tested and proven to be effective in keeping individuals safe during dangerous situations.

Why is it the perfect choice for on the go and emergency scenarios?

For added security and peace of mind, the Harm & Hammer also doubles as an emergency glass-breaker hammer in case of entrapment or stolen car scenarios. When activated by its heavy-duty handle, the steel pointed head effectively breaks tempered glass while simultaneously producing loud sound waves that can help alert nearby citizens to your situation quickly and directly.  Its glow in the dark design adds another layer of security, allowing you to locate your weapon even in complete darkness. The Harm & Hammer is the perfect companion for individuals looking to stay safe and secure while on the go. With its unique blend of non-lethal pepper spray and emergency glass break hammer, it offers an effective self-defense method.

When it comes to self-defense products, Harm & Hammer Pepper Spray is a step above the competition. Featuring an innovative keychain design that allows you to always have access to your device no matter where you are, this pepper spray provides immediate protection against attackers by delivering its dual punch of chemical irritants and emergency glass-break hammer capability when needed most. In the case of entrapment or stolen car scenarios, one press of its heavy-duty handle will activate the steel pointed head which efficiently breaks tempered glass while simultaneously producing loud sound waves alerting nearby citizens quickly. All in all, Guard Dog Security’s Harm & Hammer Pepper Spray ( ) is an advanced solution that gives individuals peace of mind when it comes to self defense situations today.

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