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BEST Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages

Dussehra or Vijayadashami is one of the most awaited festivals in India and comes after the ninth day of Navratri. The day is considered auspicious as the demon king Ravana was killed by Lord Ram on this day. Also on this very day, Goddess Durga killed Demon Mahishasur after the fierce nine days battle. Considering the victory of good over bad, people from all over the country celebrate this day with sheer enthusiasm.

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status MessagesPeople from different states celebrate Dussehra according to different traditions. However, with the new age of technology people share Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages on the eve of this festival and wish their near and dear ones. In this post we will be sharing some of the best Happy Dussehra Status Messages for Whatsapp that you can share with your friends and family on the eve.

Updated Dussehra Whatsapp Status – Latest 2022

  1. May Mata Rani bestow upon you and your family blessings in its nine forms. Happy Navratri to you and your family.
  1. May this Dussehra, Light up for you. The hopes of Happy times, And dreams for a year full of smiles!
  1. Like the effigies of Ravana, may your problems also burn away. Wish you a victorious Dussehra!
  1. May this Dussehra burn all your worries with Ravana and bring you and your family loads of happiness.
  1. Let us come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil on this auspicious day.
  1. Today is the day that reminds us that in the end, evil always ends, and goodness triumphs. Let’s remember it always. Happy Dussehra!
  1. Wishing for you the energy and resilience of the deity to get through this tough period of pandemic. Hope this festival brings joy and unconditional love in your life. Happy Navratri.
  1. Happy Dussehra! Vijaya dashami ka shubh absar, apke aur apke parivar ke jivan mein sukh, samradhi aur shanti bharde.
  1. May all your worries also disappear with the burning of Ravana effigies. Happy Dussehra!
  1. I wish that Goddess Durga is always there to protect you from all problems in life.
  1. May the victory of Good over Evil inspire u towards your own victories.
  1. Dushehara is festival of victory on bad elements in our lives.
  1. May this Navratri be full of happiness and good health for you. Happy Navratri to you and your family
  1. Good wishes for a joyous Vijayadashmi! May Goddess Durga grant all your wishes and bless you with good health, success, and happiness.
  1. As the effigy of Ravana burns, let your ego and anger also burn with it today. Have a great Dussehra!
  1. Navratri is a time to share and care. Wish you glorious days ahead. Happy Navratri 2022!
  1. Best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, to all of my near and dear once.
  1. May Shri Ramji give you all happiness and love to your family. Happy Dussehra to all.
  1. Jai Siyaram, Wish u success and happiness in everything u do!

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages Image

Happy Dussehra Messages 2022 – UPDATED

Meaning of Dussehra Word:
D – Devil in
U – Ur Life by Giving You
S – Splendid and
S – Sparkling
E – Energy Which Brings
H – Happiness,
R – Riches and
A – Abundance!
Happy Dussehra to You and Your Family!!

Day for victory of Ram over Ravana.
When in Satya Yug, Ram killed the great demon and king of Lanka, Ravana.
Lets celebrate together and believe in blessings of God for good.
Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous Dussehra!!!

Troubles as Light as Air,
Love as Deep as Ocean,
Friends as Solid as Diamonds,
And Success as Bright as Gold…
These are the Wishes for You and
Your Family on the Day of Happy Dussehra.

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages Image

A Time for Celebration,
A Time for Victory of Good Over Bad,
A Time When World See the Example of Power of Good.
Let us Continue the Same True Spirit.
Blessing of Dussehra

May Lord Rama Ji
Always Keep Showering
His Blessings Upon You
And Your Family.
May your Life be Prosperous and Trouble Free Throughout.

May this Dussehra burn all your tensions with Ravan and bring lots of happiness and full fill all your dreams. Wish you a Happy Dussehra.

Best wishes on Festival of Dussehra to all of my near and dear once. May Ram Bhagwan Give you lot of Happiness and Joy in your life. Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous Dussehra.

Happy Dussehra to all of My Friends. Hope this festival brings lots of joy and Happiness to all of you.

May God bless on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra and may this festival  Make you capable of defeating all evils in your life. Wish You a Happy Dussehra.

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages in Hindi

Jaise Bhagwan Ram Ji ne Jeeta Lanka Ko,
Waise App Bhi Jeete Saari Duniya Ko.
Is Dussehre Mil Jaye App Ko,
Duniya Bhar Ki Saari Khushiyan.
Dussehra ki Hardik Subhkamnaye!!!

Kya Apko Pata Hai Dussehra Ku Manate Hai? Dussehra ka Matlab–
JHUT per SATYAKi Vijay Ho
ANYAY per NYAYKi Vijay Ho Aur
BURAI per ACCHAI Ki Vijay Ho
Happy Vijayadashami!!!

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Har Pal Ho Sunehera
Duniya me Naam ho Roshan Thumahara
Dusron ko Dikhako Tum Kinara
Yehi Sapna hai Hamara

Vijayadashami ka Tehor Apke Aur Apke Parivar ke Jivan me Khushiya, Sukh, Shanti Bhar de. Dussehra ki Hardik Shubkamnaye!!!

Is Dussehre App Ko, Is Duniya Bhar Ki Saari Khushiyan or Sukh Mill Jaye… Aap ko aur app ke parivar ko Dussehra ki hardik shubkamnaye!!!

Hope these Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages help you in wishing your near and dear ones this festive season.

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status Messages Image

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