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Hacking A Cell Phone Without Installing A Software On It

Technology is advancing at an impressive rate and this means that every day we see some new things that we wouldn’t have though that they are possible. This means that we will get plenty of advantages in the future, but new risks appear as well.

Hacking A Cell Phone Without Installing A Software On It

Today we will talk about cell phone spying and whether it is possible without touching the target phone, especially when it comes to regular users. Spying is not something recommended, but there might be cases where it can be helpful.

Normally, in order to spy a phone, you will need to get that phone at least once in order to install a software or get its technical details. However, there are some new methods that allow you to do this without actually touching the target phone.

Things that you can try

Does target phone really need for spy? It certainly appears that installing a software is no longer needed, There are plenty of options available and they can be used even by people who do not have advanced technical knowledge.

Nevertheless, if you are considering these options you should make sure that you have a very good reason. Violating someone’s privacy is not a good thing to do. There might be cases where it is necessary, especially if you are doing it for the safety of the other person. Here are some options:

  • MSpy this one works for jailbroken iPhones, Android and Blackberry and it requires a monthly fee of $24.49 or $69,99, based on which package you choose. With this program you can track calls and SMS, as well as Telegram. MSpy also allows you to monitor multiple devices at once.
  • FlexiSpy is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry and while it is more expensive, it also comes with multiple options. You will get all the regular functions, but you will also be able to use certain microphone and stealth camera functions, as well as grabbing passwords.
  • Highster Mobile works for iPhone and Android and you will only have to pay $69.99 once. After that you will have access to all their features, including social media tracking, access to media files and e-mails.

Is it legal?

Even if we ignore the ethical problem, you still have to make sure that this is legal. In most countries you cannot do this legally and it is not hard to understand why. Accessing someone’s private information is not something moral, nor accepted by law. However, it might be accepted if the phone you are planning to monitor belongs to your underage kid.

This is also accepted if we are talking about a phone that belongs to the company and is used by an employee. However, these are the only exceptions, and it is not advised to use these spying methods in any other situations. The punishments for this vary, but you will get in legal trouble anyway so it is not recommended. However, if your reason is good enough, it is up to you if you are taking this risk.

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