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Great Tools for Internal Communication

Great Tools for Internal Communication

Language is the cultural glue that brings people together. It’s how we share information. Communication is the art of exchanging information that takes place between two or more people, and internal communication at work is essential for efficiency, productivity, and an enjoyable atmosphere, and company culture. Employees feel engaged and involved, which contributes to company loyalty, overall performance, and job satisfaction.

Luckily, there are tons of great online tools that make internal communication quick, simple, and fun. Unfortunately, sometimes there are so many tools to choose from that cutting down the options can be tough. No worries – the list below has got you covered!

1. mysimpleshow

When it comes to communicating company changes that everyone needs to know, providing product updates, creating employee portfolios, or anything else that can be explained simply with a professional quality explainer video, mysimpleshow is the perfect tool. Mysimpleshow is a video-creation site allowing users to make explainer videos based on various subjects. An easy to follow, 4-step guided process facilitates writing a voiceover script using provided storyline templates as guidance, or importing text from a PowerPoint file. The story is automatically visualized by the tool, suggesting visuals generated by the site or having the option to use your own images. The final product is a self-made explainer video with a voiceover, completed in a short amount of time.

 2. Trello

Being organized is essential to ensure productive daily business. If you’re ready to save some trees and get rid of sticky notes, Trello is the perfect tool for your business. Using the tool, team members can collaborate with each other to create boards, cards, and lists provided in Trello, as well as choose a custom color scheme and setup. All users invited into a group can participate in it; a.k.a. having the ability to add, edit, move, and delete notes, and users can participate in multiple teams. Applications can be integrated into groups and workflows, and project collaboration status can be managed from beginning to end. This is a great tool for inter-departmental communication.

 3. Yammer

Social media networks are taking over the Internet. Marketers include campaigns for the most popular networks in their strategies, but they aren’t the only business professionals that should be using a social network. Yammer is a social network that connects a company’s employees worldwide. Users can create groups, post photos, videos, and comments, send private messages, and even create and take polls. Yammer is a great resource for employees and encourages people to interact with their coworkers when they need assistance. It’s like the Facebook for internal business communication: there’s a fun aspect to it, and it’s a great way to talk to and consult colleagues quickly, joke around, or update your coworkers on life’s most important occurrences, like newborn babies…and cat memes.

4. Skype

Instant messaging was a thing of the early 2000’s until Skype came along. Skype is a video and phone call as well as instant chatting tool. Users can quickly and easily send messages to their contacts, as well as set up video calls for a group of people. There are options to use a camera or just a voice call, as well as purchase extra Skype minutes. This is a great tool to help connect employees worldwide, offering a more personable form of internal communication because you can see your colleague live, in real-time. Using the tool for small talk with co-workers during the day is also a good idea – small talk can be a catalyst for new perspectives on problems, fostering creativity and solutions, and to feel more in touch with the people you work with.

Using any of the tools above for communicating internally is a great idea, but using all of them simultaneously is the best idea. Variating company communication tools offers several communication mediums which may inspire creativity and engagement, ultimately benefiting all who are using them.

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