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Smartlift Glazing robots provide a wide range of multifunctioning lifting devices which have their target to as the glazing industry. These robots have a good reputation and can be relied on besides being safe to use. They supply all smart lift products to customers all over the country from their head office and engineering facility in Pontefract West Yorkshire.

Models Available

  • Smartlift SL Gipsy- this is a device that looks like a robot and it handles plaster board and fireboard in an easy way.
  • Smartlift SL 208 compact- this is a tiny and highly maneuverable glazing robot which has a mounting height of 2740 mm.
  • Smartlift SL 280 standard- this has the ability to lift glass panes and other surfaces which have a weight of up to 280kg.
  • SL 380 Midi- this is a small and reliable solution which can be used to fill the gap in the market between the standard and Maxi Smart lift models.
  • SL 380 outdoor- this is normally used to lift large glass panes or wind up with window or door frames on building sites.
  • SL 380 outdoor high lifter- this normally has longer arms for jobs which require additional reach and height lifting.
  • Smartlift SL 400 Sky Lifter- this is the ideal solution for installing windows in tall building.
  • SL 580 Maxi- this is a multifunctional self-driven lifting device which can be used for lifting heavy window panes for indoor purposes.
  • SL 608 Outdoor- this is a powerful indoor/outdoor glazing robot which has a mounting height of 3.5m.
  • SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter- this has longer arms for a longer reach and higher lifting height.
  • SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter RT- this is a powerful loft which is mounted with electrical rotation of the yoke.
  • Smartlift SL 808 Outdoor- this is a rough terrain machine which is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • SL 1008 Outdoor- this is their largest lift which combines maximum lifting power with an impressive reach.
  • Smart Trolley ST1300- this has a multi-purpose motorized trolley system and has a load capacity of 1300kg.


SmartLift robots offer service and repair on a wide range of equipment bought from their shops. They have a state of art facility of 8000ft of work space with overhead carnage and spray booth facilities. Their fully stocked mobile vans help them to repair most common machines on site or at your own location.

Some of the services include:

  • Dinoloft servicing- the Central Perform Service are the UK service and parts supplier for the full range of Dinoloft products.
  • Legion servicing- they have been appointed by Leguan to offer full parts and service support to Leguan customers in the UK.
  • Access platform servicing and repairs- they perform servicing and repairs on a wide variety of cherry pickers, access platforms and unusual equipment.
  • Engineering cover- they supply engineers to cover any planned shortages which might have occurred with the engineering team.

Smartlift glazing robots offer a wide array of services and are among the best in Yorkshire.


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