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Get to Know StreamEast And Its Alternatives

In this article, we’re going over Stream East, whether or not it’s safe to use and the top seven alternatives you can try out.Sports streaming platforms have become a staple channel for people across the world. They have clung themselves to the forums which display unfettered sports events and have pretty much become glued to them once and for all. Whatever application is on the rise, it has its own journey of ebb and flows for people sometimes discard them or subscribe to them in an influx. StreamEast is one such platform that has been receiving less attention from people across the world. Though it is quite unsung in terms of viewership or spectators, it has the best account of sporting activities across the world like no other app in eventuality.


It has a great variety of sports reporting which includes broadcasting of sports events to anything related to sports experience in general. However, there has been a general consensus that the channel may not be totally operative for some people due to the incompatibility of some devices in existence. This is quite a rare instance as although there may be an obstacle lie this, remedy for that has been on the card in recent times. The alternatives to StreamEast have been on the emergence and seem like they would take over its credibility soon enough to replace the leverage of the channel in the forthcoming future.

StreamEast Live:

StreamEast Live as mentioned before is an online streaming platform that mostly exposes all the NFL games. Viewers get to choose to pick their favorites while bidding on the game and its victory chances. This is a free-of-cost channel that provides access to not only live broadcasts but also some news related to the event.

It is a dedicated football league medium and covers almost all news about the event without any miss. There are live feeds and details including news reporting which cannot be skipped. Quality is focused more than quantity when it comes to this channel.

Alternatives to StreamEast:

There are many alternatives to StreamEast which are viable as a consumable application in place of StreamEast. People always prefer a lively environment rather than the prosaic ones that have nothing to offer. They may cost some minimal amount but would offer considerable fun given the premise and sports events in particular. Let us watch some applications in detail to have some knowledge on the alternative and what deems best for our choice.

1. Feed2All Site:

Feed2All Site

This televised sporting channel is best in broadcasting sports events by showcasing various sports for people’s view. They have to log in before they make an entry and the rest is just a plain viewing experience.

The portal opens up to many sports on display and one gets to pick one for viewing simply. Soccer, kickboxing, volleyball, skating, rugby, billiards, motorsports, and hockey are some of the games played which are displayed on the site.

2. Strike Out:

Strike Out

This website could be a worthy alternative to StreamEast as it covers all the NFL events without any gaps. All information about leagues and games is at its disposal for people to just choose and opt in a jiffy.

It is compatible with any device, be it a phone or a laptop, iPad, tablet, etc. It is quite versatile for the range of games it displays and adapts to any browser without much ado. There is no requirement for a special plugin or an add-on to watch the video as it is readily available as the site opens.

3. BossCast:


This is another viable alternative that has almost the same reputation as StreamEast. There are many viewers of this channel who are lucky to catch the live event of their favorite sporting activities.

It has access to sports across 130 countries and it exposes events from all these nations in canter. One has to go through the initial process of subscription before bouncing off to binge-watching it endlessly.

The video quality of the site is impeccable as it streams a high-resolution video to its viewers. It is very user-friendly as people can evade scrolling down to catch more from the channel.

4. Sports365


This website as the name suggests is a service that broadcasts sports along with TV shows. People can catch any live event or sporting activity as it is unfettered with a high-quality viewing experience.

The soundtrack is very efficient is quite effective when played on your devices as far as clarity is concerned. This is a sensible alternative to StreamEast where people can also binge-watch movies and TV shows along with sports.

5. VIPBoxTV:


This is an upcoming sports online channel that has to its credit a wide variety of streaming lists more than what is exposed in StreamEast. Highlights, live broadcasting, and scores related to the game are also additional listings of the channel.

They give an exceptional video quality and are also quite conducive for catching in on any sports events without any restrictions. There are some administrative advantages where restreaming of an event is allowed for people who log in to the channel. The client support is extraordinary and beats the service of any other channel proving to be a worthy alternative for StreamEast in all aspects.

6. MyP2P:


Another viable alternative for StreamEast which showcases all sports events in high-quality videos similar to that of StreamEast. The configuration of the video settings is customizable and the download is much faster when compared to any other services.

The sporting experience is just lovely and people get to connect with similar-minded people through chatbots provided in the application to get a ransom view of the game.

7. WiziWig:


Another major alternative to StreamEast is to catch any sporting activities without any restrictions. One of the majorly used applications that has a wide variety of choices when it comes to sports streaming.

It is also a simple interfaced app where the portal is just a click-open window and no form of opening the website is also required. You can catch the live scores through alert messages and is very accessible from any device or browser instantly.

8. Live TV:

Live TV

It is a free website where live options of sporting events are watched free of cost. There are no subscription options as the whole application is integrated into a third-party sports app where live scores are directed to the site.

Live scores of any sporting event are at its disposal and the bulk content of the activity is up for viewing without any hurdles as soon as you open the page.


There are many sporting applications that are in existence that can be a viable alternative to StreamEast. Many have been in the race to be most leveraged next to StreamEast while some are not discernible as yet. This document provides clear retail of fitting alternative to StreamEast as people may get to choose what they deem fit by all means.


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