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Get Dumpor – A Super Cool App to View IG Story Secretly

What is Dumpor? How is the tool unique?

“Dumpor” is the top-rated site for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. Instagram, a well-known social media platform, only allows users without accounts to view limited material. However, if they haven’t already, it will prompt users to join or log in after a short period of time.


Users can see Instagram stories, posts, and other content anonymously with the free platform, Dumpor. It is today popular as the best Instagram tracker, as per many. The best part of this tool is that users can check other people’s Instagram profiles without registering an account. This technology has helped users to just view them secretly.

Most people choose to remain anonymous and browse other people’s stuff without the need for signing in so that nobody can see that they are seeing someone else’s profile without their permission. Dumpor can be extremely helpful in this situation by granting users access to other IG profiles.

Key 9 Features of Dumpor Tool

Dumpor is constrained to a few essential capabilities, just like other IG story viewers. Let’s give a glance at its characteristics:

  • Easy Download of Pictures and Videos

Using a link, users can use this feature to download public Instagram users’ video clips or pictures. The entire process seems easy. Just copy the IG link and paste it into the box to start.

  • Secret Insta Viewer

Users can reportedly use this capability to see Instagram posts and stories without being identified. As a result, users can access Instagram without logging in.

Additionally, users can search for anything they want using commonly used places, hashtags, or profiles. Enter the IG username and click the read button to read Instagram posts and stories in private.

  • The Analyzer

Users can also use this tool to examine IG comments, profiles, follows, and likes. Unfortunately, it does not provide the account users’ desired engagement ratio.

  • Track Multiple IG Stories

Dumpor streamlines the track engagement across multiple posts by allowing users to watch the viewers of several Instagram Stories simultaneously.

  • Engagement Statistics

Along with more specific engagement statistics for every viewer like engagement rate and average time viewing of Stories, Dumpor also offers basic viewer information.

  • Thorough Viewer Analytics

Users of Dumpor have access to a list of all Instagram Story viewers, complete with usernames, profile images, and the times & dates of each view. Users may also look for themselves who viewed their Stories multiple times and whether anyone has captured screenshots.

  • Premium and Free Versions

Both a free and a paid version of the app are available to the users. Free users can just access limited functions, but paid users are offered to track nearly 100 viewers and get access to more thorough data.

  • Friendly Interface

The Dumpor app is easy to navigate and use thanks to its clear and approachable UI.

  • Compatibility

Dumpor can be used by a variety of people since it is available as a mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones.

Login Process of Dumpor

Login Process of Dumpor

  • Download the Dumpor app from the App Store and Google Play.
  • After installation, run the app and choose “View anonymous stories” by tapping or clicking on it.
  • The entire collection of private Instagram Stories will then be accessible to users.
  • The entire story, the poster’s identity, and their profile image are others included.
  • Clicking on the tale’s title will navigate the users to a page of the story.
  • It is easy to use and contains all the information needed for each story.

Using Dumpor

Users can utilize this Instagram viewer by taking the steps outlined below:

  • First, go to the website
  • Then, paste the username of a public page in the section and click the Search button.
  • The profile and post details are now visible.
  • Users can see how easy and straightforward it is to use this Instagram viewer.
  • Another benefit of Dumpor is its user-friendly UI. For instance, searching for a certain account on Dumpor is easy using hashtags, username, or location. Additionally, users can view labeled photographs, reels, videos, articles, and fans.

Steps to Download IG Stories with Dumpor Tool

Steps to Download IG Stories with Dumpor Tool

It’s vital to know that downloading Instagram images and videos without authorization can be against the platform’s terms of service.

Here’s how to download Instagram photos and videos using Dumpor:

  • Launch the Dumpor tool and log in with Instagram credentials.
  • Find the Instagram post to download and navigate to it.
  • In the right (upper) corner of the post, click the three dots.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and choose “Copy Link.”
  • Put the link into the “Download” field when back to the Dumpor app.
  • To download the image or video, click the “Download” option.
  • The picture or video clip will be stored on the camera roll on the device.

Dumpor might make it easy to download Instagram images and videos, but it’s important to use the program properly and be aware of any potential risks.

The Visual Interface for Dumpor

The worldwide prominent app known as Dumper allows users to download and examine the posts produced by other Instagram users. Remember that users can only view public profiles and access info that has been publicly submitted.

The labeled images can be downloaded even if they are made available for download. However, private videos and images can’t be downloaded from a person’s personal profile.

Dumpor Downloads and Views Other Instagram Users’ Posts

Dumpor Downloads and Views Other Instagram Users’ Posts

Users can download and see posts from other IG users on the global website Dumper. Remember that users can only view public profiles and access info that has been publicly submitted.

Even the labeled images can be downloaded when they are publicly available. However, private images and videos cannot be obtained from a private profile. Users may get free Dumpor Instagram profiles without logging in.

Furthermore, neither user information nor any detail will be publicly released since Dumpor does not keep any of the user’s personal data.

Dumpor – Safety?

Many users want more information about Dumpor. Are the Instagram story watchers safe? No login or registration details for the account are needed to use the software. Without having an account, users can use this platform to grant anonymous access to IG profiles, stories, and posts on the computer. The program is completely safe to use and has a good reputation.

The Summary

Users can easily read and see Instagram stories with the help of the Dumpor application. It includes a user-friendly layout that makes it simple to see the tales, and users can also organize and filter them using the same interface. Users may view all of their stories in one location with this app without having to follow anyone, which will save users effort and time. The fact that this software offers data on millions of people globally is useful for social media and marketing professionals.


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