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From News to Streams, Here’s How to Watch and Enjoy eSports Online

Most early eSport tournament rounds came to an end in early August. However, there are plenty of finals coming up in North America, Europe and Africa. If you’re interested in eSports, now is the best time to come up with a strategy that allows you to watch all of the tournaments that spark your interest.

Bookmark the Right eSport News Sites

The first thing you need to do is find the best sites that provide all the information you need. After all, these competitions move incredibly quickly so you’ll need to be able to keep up.



When researching upcoming eSports tournaments, we headed straight to ESPN – the most successful sports network in history. Back in 2015, 80% of US households had the ESPN channel available on their televisions, so it’s no surprise that their online site is so popular. As early as January 2016, the site created a section dedicated entirely to eSports where you can find schedules, news and team information. A similar alternative is Yahoo! Sports though it’s difficult to track down the eSports section.


While the two sites recommended above cover all sorts of different sports, GosuGamers is dedicated entirely to the world of eSports. Unsurprisingly, it has been a leading source for eSports players and fans alike ever since it launched back in 2002. There’s a constant stream of news, interviews and exclusive information covering almost every competitive game out there from League of Legends to Hearthstone. You may also want to look at The Score eSports, Slingshot eSports and Daily Dot eSports.

eSports Earnings

Now, here’s where we separate the casual observers from the dedicated fans. Unlike the news sites mentioned above, eSports Earnings offers crucial insider information on tournament prize pools, player earnings and team winnings. Plus, this site has been running since 1998 so there’s a rich history to explore. However, if you want to really use this information you’ll need to bookmark Master Mazuma, as this site allows you to place wagers on your favourite teams and players. There’s a plethora of information as well as eSports events betting guides, so you’ll have everything you need.

Know Where To Watch

Once you have all the information you need to really understand what’s going on, it’s time to start watching the events live. Not all streaming sites are created equal, here are the three most popular.



Chances are you already watch plenty of Twitch streams, so it should be no surprise that they stream eSports tournaments. Most are free as well so all you have to do is get your timing right. For a more in-depth look at what motivates eSports pros and how they manage to be so successful, make sure you check out commentary streams by your favourite players too.


Over the years, Azubu has struggled to step out of Twitch’s shadow, but if you want a wide variety of eSports then this is the streaming site for you. Also, their mobile app is pretty great so you can continue watching on the go.


Otherwise known as Major League Gaming, MLG specialises in big tournaments and competitions. There’s great live player interactions and live chats as well so you can talk with other enthusiasts.

There you have it, the best sites to get all the eSports information you could ever need. In addition to ICXM, of course.

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