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As the technology progressed, there was a development in almost every sphere of life. everything was to only made easier but just one touch away. From connecting people around the globe to online shopping, everything could be done within seconds, easily and staying at home.

This progress not only helped people with shopping or jobs but it also brought with it some advanced methods of studying. These methods have provided the student with ease and they have been showing better results due to the different methods they can use to study. Moreover, these efficient tools/websites also aid in learning out of the box and conceptually.

While many parents complain about how the internet has brought up a bad influence on their children, which to some extent cannot be denied, we can also not overlook the act that this has also brought with it the benefits. it all depends upon the way you use the internet for yourself.

upon the way you use the internet for yourself

There have been developed many educational websites which are not only for the middle schools but even the high school students. These websites make learning so much faster and smarter because the intelligent students now a days have a faith on studying smart as compared to hard.

These websites work like tools and aid in making your studying process much more smart, efficient and better in so many ways. Let’s look into some of the free educational websites and what these websites can help the students with:

1– Open Culture Online Courses.

This website is known to contain lectures from universities around the globe. Which means it can be helpful for a large number of audiences. It contains different and a variety of topics which you can use to help yourself with your process of studying. The site contains different lectures and videos, podcasts and so much more for the students.
The best part about this site is that it has combined lectures and materials from around 100s of universities and kept them safe all at one site. Which means you do not have to search every single one individually to look for that required material.

2- Khan Academy.

Khan Academy has been appreciated for the interface that it has to offer. It collaborates with many post-secondary schools. Since it is in partnership with numerous institutions so you can find different lectures on a specific topic. This enhances your knowledge and provides you with a wider point of view and outlook.
The organized interface of this website makes it very easy to use. Moreover, it emphasizes on conceptual learning which is really helpful for the students. The in-depth perspective of every topic is also highlighted at this website making it a powerful learning method for the students.

3 –

This is not a lecture website, but is a tool which aids in your studying process.
At this site, numerous online calculators are present. These calculators are not like the ordinary ones which perform calculations for you.

These calculators have formulas already present in them. For example, in chemistry, you want to use the Boyle’s law for some calculation, you have to go for the Boyle’s law calculator and it will not only do the calculation for you but also tell you the alternate formulas which can be used for your calculations along with the concept behind how the unit which came up as a result was derived. You can even do conversions of units the way you want too.

Moreover, these sites work like guides because they also contain bits of information about whatever calculator you are using and the topic that they are based upon. This is really helpful in case you need a quick revision. So, if you forget any formula, you do not have to worry because these calculators perform calculations foryouwithin seconds. What else do you need?


4- University of Oxford podcasts.

Well this site is a great opportunity for the people sitting anywhere around the globe. Now you can get in touch with the best teachers which are just some searches and clicks away. The podcasts which are available on the site might be from the visiting professors.
In early times, there was no advancement of the internet. Due to which the lectures couldn’t be recorded. However, this is a great opportunity for the students. Now they can sit home and use these websites and tools to facilitate them in so many ways.

5- TED-Ed.

Well you might have heard about their motivational videos because we all have been there where we all have been needing some boost in motivation and this site has been the ultimate source. They have come up with some really good educational videos for you as well.
This site is also very helpful in providing you with the general information that you might require on every individual topic. They make up short videos and, in those videos, they use really interesting animations. These animations are a source of attraction for the students and develop their interest towards the topic.

Let’s talk about one very interesting feature that the TED-Ed has. Tis feature includes the presence of online video quizzes. YES. It provides you with a number of different questions regarding whatever topic you have the video one. This so helpful on different levels. This feature helps you know the amount of understanding that you have developed about the topic. It also provides you with a number of different questions to have in your mind which are actually practice questions. So, you get a good idea about the type of questions which you might get during an actual examination or regarding the certain topic.

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