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Four Tips For Surviving The First Day At A New Job

Four Tips For Surviving The First Day At A New JobAll of us remember our first day at school – finding a place to sit in the cafeteria, struggling to talk to other kids and not being sure will we be able to adapt to our new surroundings. What’s more, most of us thought things would change when we finish high school and “officially” become adults…

It’s safe to say that we were pretty much wrong…

When you get hired by a new company or you simply get transferred to another department, you see that things haven’t changed so much since the first grade.

Finding your place amongst your colleagues, impressing your new bosses and making a good impression overall are all things that you’re certainly worried about…

Luckily, you’re now older and a lot wiser, so you’ll be able to adapt fast to a new environment. What’s more, there are certain things that can help you fit in right from the start. Here are five distinctive tips that will make your transition as painless as possible.

1.      Do Some Research before You Dive In

With all of those social platforms out there, you’ll be able to find some videos, articles, etc. that will help you understand office culture in your new place of work. Plus, the company’s site probably has an “about us” section. And if you are confused by any legal issues, you should find a company such as DPH Legal that can help you understand everything concerning legalities and answer all of your inquires.

2.      Try Not to Complain During the First Day

During the first few months of your employment, there’s basically no room for complaining. Get familiar with the office atmosphere and take every single thing as a learning experience. Before you start giving constructive criticism and making suggestions, you have to master the field.

3.      Say Yes to Everything and Everyone

While this feels counterintuitive at some level, you can’t really say “no” to too many people. So if someone asks you for some coffee or to volunteer on a certain project, you better say “yes.” Sure, this will feel overwhelming at times, but remember, you have to prove your worth before you can say NO to someone in the office.

4.      Show Respect to Your Co-workers

No matter where you are in the pecking order – you have to show respect to everyone, top to bottom. This means you should talk to entry-level workers the same you’d talk to the CEO of the company. You never know when you might need someone in the future…

The Bottom Line

 In addition to all of the things above, you have to be aware that you’ll need to give 110% of yourself during the first few months. If you’re a rookie, you simply need to work harder than any other employee. This will prove that you like being there, that you want to be there and most importantly, that you belong there.

John Paul
John Paul
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