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Football Fantasy Games – Football Manager Games – Global stats – How to play?

Starting lineup in the fantasy premier league is very important to take the game to next level. If you are playing in the football fantasy games and want that how mangers get success in the field then try to follow one of the following formats.

Football Fantasy Games

 Quarterback (QB)

It is the signal-caller position in the fantasy premier league. The Quarterback abbreviated with QB is the members of the offensive team. These lineups behind the offensive line. These are usually considered as the leader of the offensive team. On every offensive play, the player hits the ball and throws forward passes. In some gameplays, QB is tackled behind the scrimmage line that is also known as a sack.

 Running Backs (RB)

In the gridiron football or champions fantasy league game, the members that are present in the offensive backfield are known as the running back members. The main role of these players id to receive the handoffs from the QB players. These rush the ball in the way that they block from the opposite team players. Depending on the offensive formation, the manager keeps one or two running backs. There are different types of running back players. These are feature back, wingback and halfback. Each one has its own duty.

Wide Receivers (WR)

Receivers, wideouts are the name of the wide receiver. These are present in the offensive position and also known as the key player. These are usually present near the sidelines. Usually, these players are far away from others. The fast-catching specialist players are fast movers and catch the coming ball and prevent from moving outside the boundary.

Tight end

Another offense side players are known as a tight end or TE. These players play a dual role. These are present at offensive line as well as the wide receiver. They lined up an offensive line and have the duty of the best blockers. Similarly, as wide receivers, they prevent ball while running pass patterns.

The head coach decides the duty of the tight end depending on the tactical preferences. They have a hybrid position. It all depends on the type of league. In some situations, the lineman doesn’t have to move for passes, while in other systems they have to act as the primary receiver. The coaches decide either they need specialized blocking players in the main receivers.


During field goals and extra points, the team needs the special player known as the placekicker or kicker. He is a specialist in making perfect kicks towards the goal. The punter of the team hit the ball and try to make the points.

The type of sideline players depends on the type of league going on. Therefore, these players are decided according to the match type. Some leagues need individual defensive players while others need the team defense. While in some cases both are required.

The head coach played a key role in deciding the team members for the sidelines. They first check the situation of the league and then choose the taller player to catch the ball as a receiver or block from out of the boundary line. It is the strategy of the manager to make perfect decision and move towards the success.

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