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Flipkart Goes Private in an Attempt To Expand Billion

Flipkart, the biggest e-commerce player of India, has commenced co-creating products in association with local manufacturers. The company made this move as it looks to develop “Billion,” its new brand, as a “Made in India” option for its consumers. Sachin Bansal, the Group chairman, said to the media in an interview that the brand will create products targeted at addressing needs of the users in the country based on customer feedback and data received from the platform.

The products below the Billion brand will at first comprise electrical appliances, mixers, mixer grinders, backpacks, irons, cookware, and will gradually expand to more sections. The procedure to roll out Billion commenced a year back, when Flipkart composed a group for study on customer information, and handful of products have already been experimented on the platform over last few weeks. “What we discovered is that the Indian users are conscious about value and want extra out of an item in terms of aspects and quality,” Bansal told the media in an interview. Some of unique features of Billion compared to products currently present in the market will be its key highlights to seek to Indian users, Bansal further added. Billion backpacks have been developed with more space, irons with super coating for all materials, and Billion mixers will have bigger jars for a classic Indian family size.

“Billion is a Made for India and a Made in India brand. This is made for Indian users, with Indian conditions and Indian needs in mind. We did a lot of data analysis and mining, and collected user feedback,” he further added to his statement.

Flipkart has already combined with almost 10 local Indian manufacturers in various sections of the nation. In a couple of years, Flipkart is expecting to operate with a manufacturing base of hundreds of thousands.

“Billion is also motivated by the Make in India scheme of the government,” Bansal claimed to the media. Local media had reported previously in November that Bansal is busy on a Make in India series of products. The online vendor community, on the other hand, has lifted concern about Billion products of Flipkart.

“The user feedback and data generated by vendors can’t be utilized by Flipkart to permit sister companies and private labels to make profit,” a representative for All India Online Vendors’ Association, claimed to the media in an interview. All India Online Vendors’ Association is an online vendors’ body.

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
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