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Flamethrowers Of Elon Musk Spark Controversy

After lifting $1 Million by hawking baseball caps, the futurist industrialist behind private space company SpaceX and electric car manufacturer Tesla claims that he has set the industry on fire with his newest idea. Elon Musk declared this week on his Twitter account that he has traded out 20,000 flamethrowers at $500 each over almost 5 Days. He gagged that these flamethrowers are helpful in opposition to a “zombie apocalypse.”

Flamethrowers Of Elon Musk Spark Controversy

He did not state what the profits will be employed for but the earlier sale of 50,000 ball caps with a price tag of $20 a piece helped him support his newest startup, The Boring Company. That company plans to possibly make tunnels for the super-high-speed Hyperloop One transport project. Some reporters queried if the flamethrowers are a gag but a spokesperson for the firm guaranteed a San Jose newspaper, The Mercury News, that they are serious, and the pre-ordered goods might ship in the spring.

The Boring Company cannot be reached this week for questions. “The gadgets, which look similar to like an assault rifle integrated a gas canister at front, are the safest in the world,” website of The Boring Company says. On his Twitter account, Musk gagged that the flame gun works against “hordes of the undead or your money back” and is “great for roasting nuts.” The flamethrower matches with California rules, as per Boring’s spokesperson, since it gives out a tail tongue of fire less than 3 Meters (almost 10 Feet) long.

While the declaration lighted social media, it aggravated anger from a congressperson in California, after in December the state grappled its biggest wildfire ever since 1932, at a price of $177 Million. “We have now witness some of the worst fires in the history of California,” claimed Miguel Santiago, the legislator, to the media in an interview.

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