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Five Incredible Vape Mods To Expect In 2019

In the year 2018, the vape mods have been a great success that many people can advocate for and tell about. In the same way, this is expected to continue in even better ways in 2019. For this reason, vapers should brace themselves and get ready for an even better experience in the coming year. Here are five examples of mods that you are most likely to enjoy more in 2019.

Five Incredible Vape Mods To Expect In 2019

Vaporessorenova Zero

If you are a veteran vaper who enjoys pod mods, then be sure to love VaporessoRenova. Despite being a bit heavier, it has a good hand fell making you love holding it when vaping. VaporessoRenova Zero has a fast charge time in which case it charges in less than an hour. In the same way, it has long battery life and thus good performance. For this reason, you can keep using it for long without any inconveniences. VaporessoRenova Zero also has an easy way of adjusting the wattage, since you need to simply click the power button three times and then set your preferred wattage.

Vaporfi V-Grip 75W TC Mod

VaporFi V-Grip 75W TC Mod is ideal for people who love cheap and new mods for vaping. Additionally, VaporFi V-Grip 75W TC Mod is perfect for you if you do not love your mods having distracting features. When using this mod, getting clean flavors is the main issue and nit big clouds. It is also compatible and portable thus suitable for use for someone who is always on the go. Nevertheless, the battery life of this mod is not the best especially if you are a heavy vaper. However, its mod will not be disappointing for a beginner or a starter.

Geekvape Nova

Geekvape Nova is a great option for people who are using vaping as a way to quit smoking since it is built in a better way as compared to other mods. It also has a simple menu system that makes it suitable for use by beginners, not to mention good enough for everyday use. Smokers who are in the transition to vaping could also be encouraged to use Geekvape Nova. This mod also has a good battery life and the temperature control is great. However, for people who are simply regular vapers, this mod will be a joy to use with the e-sigarett.

Smok G-Priv Box Mod

Smok is a vape mod that has been around since the year 2010 and is known for producing cheap and high-quality mods. This is the same case with the SMOK G-PRIV Box Mod. It has high-quality characteristics such as good wattage power and temperature control. It also has an advanced use of temperature control thus making it one of the friendliest mods in the market today. It also well proceeds making it one of the best-priced vapes in the market today.

Jacvapour Series S22

The Jacvapour Series S22 is a good mod that is suitable for all levels of vapers. This is especially for new vapers as it is as easy as it gets. Additionally, Jacvapour Series S22 is unique and has features that you are not likely to find in other devices. It has good battery power and a setup that is easy and simple to use.

Are you already tired with the e-sigarett mods that you have enjoyed that year? Fear not as there are many new mods that you are likely to give you a new experience come 2019. Use the information above to see some of the incredible vape mods you should expect in 2019.

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