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Five Helpful Apps For Teachers

Multiple teaching apps for teachers have substantially changed the traditional approach of learning in classrooms. Contemporary studies prove that learners perceive approximately 20 percent of what they see, 30 percent of what they hear, and 50 percent of what they see and hear. When students are provided with the possibility to see, hear, and interact with a studying environment simultaneously, they are capable of memorizing up to 80 percent of the information. Numerous educational apps for teachers ensure such interactive studying environment, which makes them a powerful tool for engaging kids, enhancing creativity, stimulating critical thinking, and making significant progress in learning and teaching.

Helpful Apps For Teachers

One of the main reasons for teachers to apply educational apps in the classroom is that they are engaging and motivational for modern digital students. The learners become active participants in the educational process instead of passive recipients of the material. The apps change the method lectures deliver content in class and the way young people consume it. They assist in planning lessons and professional development sessions. They help pupils become more productive and empower them to accomplish learning when and where it is convenient.

Here are five top iPad apps for teachers to use in your classroom.

Helpful Apps For Teachers

Atomic Web Browser

View pages in tabs and have multiple downloads in the background with the help of Atomic Web Browser. This web browser enables you to bookmark, email, and print browsed pages quickly. You can also share pages to a social network, including Facebook and Twitter, or send pages by email. It includes nine search engines and more can be added. The app is remarkable due to its full-screen options ensuring you fulfilling several actions without going into the settings.

Although you need an Internet connection to view live web pages, downloaded pages can be seen offline. Atomic Web Browser can be a file manager and allow learners and professors to save files in the browser or create folders for greater file management.

The teacher app can be customized to fit all needs of the educators and students. Save PDF documents to share with your pupils. Combine a text of complex math issues with an audio file that explains the steps to a solution. Listen to famous speeches from outstanding historical figures with a free collection of stories in MP3 format. Advanced use of the browser makes it possible to download the text and audio files list, save them, and then open both in different tabs.


Being highly recommended by many educators, Nearpod is a free presentation application that enables you to ask your students questions. Make all your pupils follow along with the presentation you give. Simply press the share tab to allow all the participants to observe the same slide. As soon as someone gives up using the app, you will be immediately notified. You can also share any website, for example, the same way. In addition, you are free to do a survey with Nearpod and get real-time feedback.


The incredible web-based file storage and file sharing service give you an excellent opportunity to go paperless. The app is the best solution to transfer PDFs instead of handing out papers. Once your students save a document from Dropbox on their cell phone, they have it wherever they go. The learners always have their material to study.

Helpful Apps For Teachers provides all members of education with a shared workspace accessible from anywhere for use with open documents, music, and video. It can be accessed from your computer or web browser. Archive all documents with your virtual file cabinet. You can also use to share large digital images with your students for various visual classes, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, or history. Using the online space, you are allowed to upload teaching materials for the students to access and download. The learners are able to use the commenting feature to compare and contrast the experience of reading a document together with listening to or reviewing an audio or video recording of the same piece.


Showbie is a free app for teachers and parents. It ensures the lectures gathering homework assignments from their pupils, commenting on them, and then sending responsive feedback. The learners are allowed to ask questions or comment inside the assignment folder. To receive the assignment, the students just need to upload a file from their computers or simply import it from Google Drive. The educator is capable of giving a grade on student work and add it to a personalized portfolio that can be securely shared with parents.

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