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Filmora Meme Generator and Video Editor – Complete Guide

If you use the internet or are really active on social media platforms you surely have seen many memes there. Didyou ever notice how these are made? Well, all these are made by using meme Generator apps, there are many available on the internet that you can easily download but out of all those, Filmora Meme Generator can be considered the best as it is a free memegenerator. With it, you can make meme of any video image or gif file. Also, you can edit your videos to make them look professional. Below you will be finding how you can create memes and how to edit videos with Filmora Meme Generator:

How to create a meme with Filmora Meme Generator

Filmora Meme Generator is best when you really want to create memes. It is a free and very easy to use tool that can create memes for you in just a few minutes. With Filmora Meme Generator, you can create image, video and Gif memes. Moreover, there is no need to register or sign in to create a meme with this software. In case, you have seen anyimage on the internet, and want to create meme of that image, just copy the link of that image and upload that image file to Filmora Meme Generatorby using URL. You don’t need to download all thevideos or images to create a meme. So, let’s start the easy step by step method to create a meme:

  • First of all, you need to upload the image or Gif to FilmoraMeme Generator. There are three ways to upload the media files. You can upload by clicking on “Click here to Upload” option or you can just drag and drop the file to upload. Also, you can copy and paste the URL of the media file to upload.
  • When your file is uploaded, you will be taken to the meme editor page. There are some tools that you can find the left side of your screen. Just use them and make the desired changes like add the text that you want and use the font style and color. You can preview all your changes while editing.
  • After making the desired changes, all you need is just click on the “Create” button and your meme will be created in just a few Now, from the next screen, just click on the “Download” option and your meme will be downloaded and you can share it wherever you want.

How to edit Videos with Filmora Meme Generator


When you are looking to create video memes, then Filmora Meme generator can also help you in that. The process is just like the same we mentioned above. Here is the step by step guide to generate video memes with Filmora meme generator:

  • To create a video, you need to have that video in your PC or if not you can copy the link of that video and can paste it in the URL box to upload it for editing. If the video is your device, just click on the “Click here to Upload” and upload the video to Filmora Meme genrator.
  • Depending on the video size and your internet speed, uploading can take some time. When the video is uploaded, you can start generating video memes. First of all, if you need to trim your video, you can use that by using the trimming You can find that on the top left of your screen. Just click on the “Trim” and select the time duration. There are two options for trimming, one is using the scissor slider. Just adjust that slider to the desired length. And, the second method allows you to choose the start and end time of the video. After making desired changes, click on “Done”.
  • Now, as we have mentioned above, the process of editing the text on the video is the same. You can add text outside the video or inside the video by selecting the options. You can choose the font size, style,and color etc. from the left side options.
  • After doing all this, as we have uploaded a video file, you can change the format to GIF or MP4 format. Just selectone ofyour choice and click on the “Create” button.
  • Your video meme will be ready within a few seconds and you can simply download that by clicking on the “Download” button.
  • That’s it. Now, you can share your meme wherever you want.

Filmora meme generator is one of the best meme generators as we have discussed above, you can generate an image, Gif, or video memes within a few seconds. Moreover, it is completely free. So, just upload any image or video file to Filmora Meme Generator and start generating memes of your own.

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