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Field Twin Offers Digital Twin Solution to Maximize Asset Value and Performance

Today, oil and gas business still sits on the top list of the industry that promises huge profits for those involved in the projects. Field Twin utilizes digital twin technology to make sure the high performance and value of the assets.

Twin Offers Digital Twin Solution

About Field Twin

Field Twin is a digital company that creates digital twin solution and maintain it. The digital twin is actually a precise digital copy of physical assets owned by an offshore company. This solution will make it possible for the oil and gas producers to optimize the value and performance of the assets. It provides chances for the oil and gas corporations to create big values. In this way, they will be able to create more efficient capitalization and increase performance in relatively lower oil price. Field Twin is established to provide digital twin, optimize big data, as well as transforms the current field operations.

Why Using Digital Twin?

Most of the time, the data used in most offshore companies lay underutilized expert system and database. This makes it a bit difficult to harness the data due to some reasons include its size. However, the use of digital twin will solve the problem. The Digital Twin Solution applied in your oil and gas company’s operations, installation, and field planning will transform your data into a powerful resource. There are many reasons that will make it very beneficial for you to use digital twin for your offshore company. The technology is considered to be a single source of truth in which all parties could be involved. The digital twin will also help you to integrate IoT sensor data that can be used for real-time monitoring. The season data can monitor engineer tasks, well flow-rates, equipment statuses, vessel locations, and production values. The solution provided by digital twin technology will help you to connect, support, maintain, predict, and monitor field operations, well-production, and equipment maintenance.

How Does It Work? 

The digital twin solution of Field Twin will visual important operation data and represent it on certain assets as notifications or warnings once the set parameters are exceeded. In this way, the digital twin users will be able to create more responsive and safer operating conditions. In addition, the users of the technology can also reduce the risk of investment and create a better preserving in providing integrity and longevity of the equipment used in the company’s operations. Not only that, but the repair programs, maintenance, and offshore asset maintenance by using the digital twin technology will be more effective. This is because there will be more accessible to more credible data that can give information about timing, priorities, as well as expertise required in providing effective maintenance. Field win serves as a cloud-based platform to secure You company’s important and sensitive data. Choosing the conduct your offshore company’s operation under the secure cloud-based platform will allow you to integrate data easily. you will also find it easier to break up any barriers resulted by legacy stems that can obstruct the use of data.

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