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Factors To Consider Before You Buy Facebook Votes

With the technological boom in the 21st century, our lives underwent considerable change. The advent of the internet meant that everything changed and evolved and this also applied to competitions and contests. Online contests became a popular trend and these were conducted by websites for different purposes. However, it wasn’t until social media exploded on the scene that these contests were able to generate the engagement that businesses wanted. Facebook, in particular, has now become a hub for these contests because of its high number of users. With more than a billion people using Facebook, it is not surprising that every brand, business and organization is using the platform for running contests that can reach their audience.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy Facebook Votes

Initially, winning contests on Facebook was very easy because not many people were aware of the ins and outs and were able to find loopholes to exploit. But, as technology advanced, the contest organizers became smarter and it became a lot more difficult to win these contests through underhanded ways. Before you could just make up IDs and put in votes, but now software was used for tracking IP addresses and various other such measures were implemented. This prompted people to come up with a new method of winning Facebook contests; buy votes.

It is just that simple. You can simply purchase the votes you need and victory will be yours. This practice has been used by several people and they have managed to walk away with the prize. The concept was introduced because with the huge number of entrants, it was becoming impossible for people to generate the votes required for winning. Even with assistance, it couldn’t be done and people just ended up wasting time and money. That’s when vote-selling agencies, such as Buy Online Contest Votes (BOCV) sprang up to help participants in getting the votes needed for claiming the prize.

You can buy the votes you require very easily and even if you have not done it before, there is not a learning curve involved. Yet, some people have discovered that they were still unable to win even though they bought the votes. This is due to the fact that there are some factors you need to consider before you buy Facebook votes. If you don’t do so, you will not be able to reap the returns of your investment and still end up empty-handed. What are these factors? Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • What kind of votes do you need?

The first and most important question you need to ask when you are thinking of buying votes for your Facebook contest is regarding the kind of votes you need. Facebook is the largest social network that exists today and it has a huge user base spread out over different age brackets. Therefore, different kinds of contests are organized for appealing to various age groups as the target audience of every business varies. You need to know what votes are needed, such as Facebook poll votes, Facebook likes or Facebook app votes and many more. If you buy the wrong kind of votes, they will not be accepted and you will lose.

  • How many votes do you need?

Once you know what kind of votes are needed, the next thing you need to consider is the number. Vote-selling agencies have several packages available and each provides you with varying quantity of votes. Which package should you opt for? Again, this depends on the contest and the number of participants. If the number of participants is high and no specific limit has been provided for votes, you will need to calculate yourself and get as many votes as you can afford to get. If you opt for a smaller package, you may fall short and not be able to win.

  • How quickly do you need them?

The deadline of the Facebook contest is also worth checking out. If you are thinking of using a service that takes 24 hours or longer to deliver votes and the contest deadline is about to run out, buying votes is not a good idea. You can find an agency that gives you last minute votes, but this might cost a little more.

Go over these factors and you will be able to win the Facebook contest you have entered.

John Paul
John Paul
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