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Facing Error While Opening Pirate.Se? Here Is What To Do!

If you have been an avid user of BitTorrent, then the pirate bay would be a familiar term to you!

The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site that helps you download a wide set of content available on the internet for free. The downloadable content includes Movies, Music, Games, Applications, Videos, and many others. This was developed by Swedish developer, Piratbyran.

If you are reading this, you would have used the URL to open the pirate bay and you would have faced an error.

Well, you are not alone! This is being faced by everyone who is trying to access the site. Because this is not a site down issue but you are seeing error as the domain is no longer in use. Both the domains and have got seized by the court of the Stockholm District.

Nevertheless, you can still use the Pirate bay using other URLs. But, being a torrent site, the pirate bay has been completely restricted in more than 20 countries like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, and others. Nevertheless, it is completely accessible in other countries like Hong Kong, Switzerland, Brazil, and many others.

This article aims to explain all the possible ways to access the pirate bay website as well as other alternatives of The Pirate Bay you can use.

Facing Error While Opening Pirate.Se

Use proxy Websites or Mirror Websites of Pirate Bay

The official URL of Pirate Bay is However, due to various sanctions from different authorities, the URL of the pirate bay keeps changing. Here are some proxy websites of the pirate bay which you can use.

Else you can just search for the Pirate bay in the browser, you will get the suggestion of the latest working URL in the search results.

In addition to proxy websites, you can also use mirror sites of the Pirate bay. As the name suggests, a mirror website is a copy of another website. Generally, mirror sites belong to the original site and they are designed to reduce traffic on the main site and increase the access speed. But this is not the case of the pirate bay, here mirror sites belong to other people who are not the developers or owners of the Pirate bay.

The Pirate bay mirror sites act as pirate proxy sites, which help you to avoid the restrictions placed on the original The Pirate Bay site. Mirror sites are more reliable because they would be accessible when the original domain name is down. However, they have different domain names and IP addresses. While most of these mirror sites are safe and reliable, some have malware and pop-up ads. You should be careful while accessing the links or downloading files.

Shortly, the pirate mirror sites are very similar to pirate bay proxy sites. You get the same content by using any of them.

Note: was the most popular mirror site but not the main URL of the pirate bay.

Alternatives of The Pirate Bay

The Pirate bay has managed to be a strong and reliable torrent site in spite of the constant censure and sanction by authorities in different parts of the world, the website is still accessible to millions of users from across the globe. It is considered the most consistent and trustworthy torrent site

But! Due to its immense popularity, the site often is the first one to get censored by authorities, making it difficult to access. Due to this, it is becoming challenging to unblock The Pirate Bay website in different ways. If you cannot access the pirate bay using any of the proxy or mirror sites, then you can try using alternatives of the pirate bay.

Kickass Torrents – This is a torrent website that shares downloadable movies, games, applications, TV shows among others. It is accessible from almost any part of the world. Although it is blocked in a few regions, you can still access the website using VPNs. This site has numerous accessible proxy domains that can be used by users in places where the main site has been blocked.

Zoogle – This website helps you download hundreds and thousands of great movies, games, and TV shows. But, the only drawback is that the site would throw many ad pop-ups which might get annoying. However, you can fix this problem by using ad blockers or using web browsers such as Brave which automatically blocks ads.

EZTV: This is a great torrent site to stream TV shows. It has got many unique features including an anonymity checker, a calendar having release dates, and many more. The user interface of the website is simple and easy to access.

IDope – This is one of the latest and kickass torrent sites with more than 12 million torrents. Its up-to-date layout makes it simple to use and easy to access.

ExtraTorrent –This torrent website has an intuitive user interface and a search bar which makes it simple and easy to use. The site offers a large BitTorrent system which contains loads of content.

Bottom Line

The Pirate Bay was launched in 2003. Since then, due to its ease of usage and reliability, it has soon become the most popular torrents site to download anything present on the internet for free. is the common URL of The Pirate Bay which is throwing errors due to its outage. I believe, now you have understood the alternative ways to use the pirate bay as well as the torrents sites using which you download anything you want.

But! Before using any of the torrent sites, make sure you connect to VPN. These sites don’t guarantee safety when you are downloading the content from them. They might contain malware that can affect your system privacy and performance. It happens because these peer-to-peer sharing sites would allow anyone to upload content on them. So, they don’t regulate the content that is being uploaded. It’s your responsibility to check if the files are safe to be downloaded or not. You can use any trusted antivirus software to ensure this. Once you are sure about the safety, you can proceed to download and enjoy watching.

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