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Extraordinary Things Honor 10 Lite Have

Having a stylish phone with a lot of features is perfect. Honor offers a sleek phone, along with a variety of features through Honor 10 Lite. Look at the extraordinary things about this phone and why some people use it. Please check the user reviews about HONOR 10 lite to make everything clear.


Two Models Inspired by Nature 

This phone is stylish and unique in which the company applies the colors of nature for the phone body. You can choose one of two models, which are Sky Blue and Midnight Black. The unique thing about the phone body model is its gradual colors. You will see a dark color in the bottom part and smoothly fades into a lighter hue at the top. Sky Blue is inspired by the beautiful color of the sky in the morning, whereas Midnight Black is coming from the sky hue at night.

Intelligent Camera 

Honor knows that a phone camera is not only to capture objects but also to produce high-quality photos. Because of that, Honor develops Honor 10 Lite with an intelligent camera. The front camera on this phone is different compared to other phone cameras. It has a beauty algorithm that helps to customize photos. This feature can’t only smooth skin and adjust skin tone in the picture. The use of Artificial Intelligent also improves the ability of the camera, such as removing acne, creating a smiling face, giving effects, removing glare, enlarge eyes, removing eye bags, brightening eyes, and even whitening teeth. The best thing is that everything looks natural even after the customization process.

AI Technology for Outstanding Photos 

Can you imagine if you can create a professional photo at home? Honor 10 Lite makes it possible by the use of Artificial Intelligent technology. This technology helps to understand what users want in their photos. As a result, you can use the phone to give effects, including soft, butterfly, stage, and split lightings, without learning or preparing complicated things. All you need is the phone, and you are ready to create outstanding photos anywhere and anytime you want.

High-Tech Software 

Honor chooses EMUI 9.0 software to support its Honor 10 Lite. The manufacturer uses it for some reasons, and one of them is to boost the phone by 20%. It means you are about to use a phone with a better performance compared to other old-fashioned phones. Honor makes the phone complete with the use of a chipset by Kirin and Cortex. These two features boost the efficiency of energy consumption. As a result, users can use the phone longer.

Impressive Technology for Phone Gaming 

Honor 10 Lite is also an impressive option for gamers. Honor installs GPU Turbo that boosts the graphics to a higher level than the traditional graphics. It makes the game smooth and stable, so users achieve something new that they never felt while playing games with other phones.

Better Signal Adjustment 

Another great thing about Honor 10 Lite is the automatic signal adjustment. It is because the manufacturer also adopts AI technology for managing the phone signal. This technology helps to recognize the surroundings and recover the signal. Let’s say AI technology turns the signal to a 4G once you enter or leave an elevator.

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