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Exploring what can be obtained by making BTC sports betting – 1xBit bookmaker

Betting on sports is always a fun experience. These are one of the rare situations when knowledge is combined with pure luck, and the result of this mixture can lead to some potentially highly rewarding situations. When Bitcoin is added to this mixture, the potential outcomes can be fantastic. That’s the reason why making BTC sports betting – 1xBet bookmaker has become such a popular option during recent months.

The main reason for this popularity is the ton of options that players can take advantage of when participating at this place. Some available wagering options here include:

  • Pre-match bets: this is the classical wagering form, where punters attempt to guess the winner of a specific contest before it starts
  • Live bets: here clients attempt to guess specific occurrences that take place while a match is underway. For example, in the case of a football match, people can guess who will be the next goalscorer, who will get the next red card, etc

Of course there are tons of other possibilities when making BTC sports betting – bookmaker 1xBit. However, as it is always said, it is much better when the user can try that by himself rather than having someone telling him how good something is.

The online Bitcoin lottery on 1xBit is full of endless possibilities

Another important section featured at 1xBit is its Bitcoin lottery. This place works exactly as any other lottery would do. Players spend some fractions of a Bitcoin to purchase a lottery ticket. If the numbers drawn by the online Bitcoin lottery on 1xBit end up coinciding with the ones featured on the ticket, the player becomes the winner.

Obviously, when speaking about a lottery what matters the most are the prizes that players can win. There is a wide range of rewards that some lucky 1xBit users have won so far. However, some of the most popular examples include electronics, such as the latest iPhone, iPad or Samsung phones; as well as trips to beautiful destinations around the world, cars and even some cash equivalents, which the users receive in Bitcoin.

In case a user wins Bitcoin, exchanging them for traditional money is extremely easy. The only thing that the winner must do is to head on to one of the exchangers associated with 1xBit. In only a matter of minutes the player will have turned his Bitcoin into whatever currency he likes. This is another proof that there is no valid reason for not trying the online Bitcoin lottery on 1xBit right now.

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Raj Hirvate
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