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Exploring Some Of The Unique Tech Trends To Look For In 2018

Whether you are a diehard tech fan who is always willing to wait in line for the new devices or you are just a consumer looking to make your life easier. There is a good chance that you can’t help but get excited about what the New Year brings in terms of technology. It was no secret that last year’s market was dominated by smart speakers and virtual reality, as well as several new phones and tables, but what is ahead for 2018?

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

New learning algorithms are doing amazing things for artificial intelligence these days. These algorithms are actually allowing these machines to develop and grow smarter over time. Due to the revelations, not only is the field of artificial intelligence becoming more exciting, but also more and more investors are backing it, which means more funding. Along with this, this technology is being implanted into a more diverse range of applications.

Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

When AI first launched onto the market, its main goal was to master a game or communicate with humans, but those priorities have now completely changed. This technology can now been seen in a variety of different platforms, devices, and applications. It is no doubt that by the end of 2018, this technology will have reached new and amazing heights.

The Rise Of 5G Phones

It is no doubt that just about everyone is utilizing the Internet these days. In fact, some form of the Internet can probably be found in 90% of the homes throughout the world. And, most of these connections can be found on people’s phones. Due to such a high following and the rise of technology, it is possible that in 2018 you could start to see the rise of a 5G-phone network. It has been stated by many experts in the field that this new 5G network could have the potential to be ten times faster than 4G. This would virtually make your phone’s Internet connection better than your home or office network.

Just think about the ways that this could truly potentially revolutionize that way many individuals are utilizing the Internet on their phones. Apps, streaming devices, and online services like write my essay for me could be catapulted to the next level.

Unlimited Personal Data

It is safe to say that most companies out there have already begun to realize the power of consumer data. If you know what individuals are searching for, you can tailor make your company’s products and services to suit their specific needs. Well, in 2018 you can expect the collection of consumer data to go even further. With consumers all around the world talking to their smart speakers and utilizing smart technology to complete their daily tasks, more and more companies are going to gain access to the data. While some will see this as an invasion of privacy, it will really enable companies to personalize products and services toward your specific needs and interests.

Take Advantage Of 3D Metal Printing

3D printing has been around for decades, but hobbyists and designers have been the main classes of individuals to utilize this technology. This could be because 3D printers are highly effective at printing plastics, but when it comes to metal and other materials, the process is just painfully slow and extremely expensive. However, with new technologies in place, it is becoming cheaper and easier to print metal, which might make 3D printing practical when it comes to manufacturing.

Facial Recognition Technology

While facial recognition is still fairly new, many device manufacturers are utilizing it in their products. Apple is just one example, as the company utilizes facial recognition to allow its customers to unlock their phone. Some people are still hesitant about utilizing this technology, because they are concerned about reliability and security risks. However, Apple and other tech giants believe facial recognition offers a high level of security and privacy. Also, the firms that introduced this technology spent hours testing it to ensure security, before making it available to device manufacturers.

Once the device verifies your facial features, it will grant instant access. It actually works very well and few security issues have been reported.

Voice Recognition Technology  

Voice recognition technology is similar to facial recognition, as it works in a similar manner. The technique utilizes specialized systems and software to distinguish, identify and authenticate the human voice.

Today, many tech giants, such as Amazon, utilize voice recognition technology in their products. For instance, the Amazon Echo can be completely controlled through voice commands. This eliminates the need to manually manipulate the Bluetooth speaker, offering a hands-free operation.

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