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Exploring Kochi’s Bazaars

The best way to feel Kochi is to enjoy a trip in its many market-places, spread across town. One does not have to resort to the public transport of the town, which will lead to a lot of waiting periods and haggling. Self-driving is a more fun and efficient way of exploring the dynamic city. There are many affordable car hire options in Kochi that ensure an uncompromised experience. Here are some of the top marketplaces of the city.

Shopping and Culture – A Kochi Extravaganza

One of the most enjoyable activities in Kochi is driving around the town and checking out its many markets. Spices are abundant on the 2-km stretch of Bazaar Road, a vibrant and colourful commercial area of the city. People can make stops on this road while visiting the famed Mattancherry Palace. The narrow lanes of the ironically named Broadway area of the town also hold many surprises for the avid shopper, a great placeto soak in the bustling flea market vibes, constantly buzzing with activity. Nearby, Cochin’s Marine Drive is not just a great place to walk around and shop;there are myriad food stalls to choose from and sample the local bites.

Shopping and Culture – A Kochi Extravaganza

Jew Town Attractions

A drive over to Jew Town is recommended for a mix of heritage and quirky shopping. Antiques are the speciality here, so there is no way to predict what is on offer. The lanes and crosses of this part of town are full of character and history, the legacy of one of India’s oldest Jewish communities will be all around you. While in Jew Town, one can also catch a glimpse of the Paradesi Synagogue.

The Pepper Exchange in Jew Town brings visitors face to face with the spice that was traded like gold centuries ago, when Kochi became a world trade hub. The International Pepper Exchange is exclusive in many ways.It is the only place in the world where one can use pepper as an exchange currency. Visit this rather eclectic spot of Kochi and learn more about the old spice trades.

Some Modern Shopping

For those looking for a more contemporary shopping experience, the Oberon Mall is the town’s favourite modern entertainment and retail hub. MG Road is the city’s biggest commercial district, and there are a wide variety of items available here, from traditional handicrafts and artisan work to apparel and electronics.

To complete the day of exploration, a drive to the Fort Kochi beach in the evening is recommended. Local stalls and restaurants are some of the attractions, or one can just enjoy a walk on this storied shore. Travellers can experience the city without a hassle by commuting on their own terms. Zoomcar is a car rental in Kochi that offers a wide variety of cars, depending on the group size. Multiple plans which can be changed in between and a convenient app-based booking system are added features. Rent a car, cruise around the city, and step into the busy bazaars to enjoy the history and vibrancy of Kochi.

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