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Everything You Need To Know About MightyText

Focus is one such thing with almost everyone having a bad relationship, at least nowadays.

The major reason behind this bad relation with focus is that we do have a lot of distractions and one of the crucial distractions is our smartphone.

About MightyText

But it’s not every time that our smartphone buzzes to distract us, sometimes it’s about our work only.

While the majority cases are of distraction, because of which people try to keep their smartphone away when they are working. Due to which we sometimes lose the important notification.

Hence to tackle this situation we were thinking about a software that will sync with our smartphone and help us checkout all the notifications of our smartphone on our PC.

If this sounds amazing to you and you think you would love to get one such software then you are at the right place. As here we are going to talk about a software called MightyText with the help of which you can do that.

To know more about this software, make sure to follow the post till the end.

What is MightyText? 

The major purpose because of which this application is developed is to help you know about all the notifications and messages of your smartphone on your PC. In short, you would be able to get all the important notifications on your PC, without touching the smartphone and getting distracted.

Not only that if some message needs to be replied urgently then firstly you would be able to know about it, and also can reply back to it through your PC only. In the coming section we are going to have a look at the features offered by this software.

Features of MightyText: 

Here is the list of features because of which you should always pick this application. Hence it can be your best partner to remotely access your messages and notifications:

  • The first and most important feature is you would be able to sync all your SMS & MMS across your phone and computer.
  • You would be able to sync all your contacts from the phone to the PC easily. Hence if you want to know about any details of your contacts then you can do that directly from your PC.
  • There is a web application of MightyText software. With the help of this app you can know about the battery percentage of your device. So, if you are having low battery and want to charge it then you can put it on charging by checking out the battery.
  • You would be able to get all the notifications linked with your incoming calls. No matter if they are normal calls or WhatsApp calls.
  • Also you can dial a number from your PC and you would be able to make the call through the phone. In this case you would have to enable the Phone to talk feature.
  • MightyText also has a Chrome extension because of which you can even use the Facebook and Gmail message sending feature.

How to use the MightyText App? 

The overall usage and setup of this application is easy, here is the list of steps you need to follow to start using the MightyText app.

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the official website of MightyText online. From there you would be able to download the application for your devices easily.
  2. Right after that you would have to install the MightyText Chrome extension. Also install the smartphone application of MightyText on your smartphone device.
  3. The next step would be for connecting and signing up with the same account from your smartphone and PC.
  4. Once you have connected with the same accounts you would be able to sync all the data easily between your PC and Smartphone.

This was all about the steps you need to follow while setting up a connection between your smartphone and pc using the MightyText app.


MightyText app lets you check out all the important messages and notifications from your smartphone on your PC without actually touching it. In this post we discussed everything about this application, its setup, usage and benefits.

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