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Best Smartphone Apps to have as an IT professional

There have been several Android apps for IT professionals that have been around in the market for several years now and thanks to the advancements in the field of technology, such apps have become much more valuable than ever before. If you’re an IT professional who offers IT services to clients, you need to stay at the top of tech updates, and what can be a better way than using technology to do so? With some of the latest updates to the Android OS, like multi-tasking with the help of split screen, your tablet or smartphone are now almost on par with your laptop in terms of efficiency.

Smartphone Apps to have as an IT professional

Regardless of whether you need remote services on your desktop, there are several Android apps that you can install on your smartphone to keep desktop tech at your fingertips. Check out the few smartphone apps for IT professionals.

#1: Rackspace Control Cloud

This is an app which gives you the permission to remotely handle your Rackspace cloud files, servers, and load balancers either from your tablet or from your phone. You are able to check the status of your system as well as create, rename, reboot, rebuild and resize the cloud servers. You can also handle the back-up schedules as well. If you wish to speak to a Rackspace support representative, you can do so with just a tap of your finger.

#2: Flipboard

If you want a personalized and curated list of news that is specifically meant for you, you should download and install Flipboard. Though there are several apps in the market which are there to help you with this you only really need one good one. Flipboard will give you more control on what you choose to read, and it can customize automatically based on your ML algorithms, which can determine your reading behaviors and trends.

#3: Password Manager

There has always been an omnipresent need for enhanced digital security as account passwords, by necessity, should be complicated and hard to guess. Since an IT professional has several accounts to manage, remembering each complex password can eat up valuable time when it goes wrong. In order to better manage all this, you can use a password management app like Dashlane; they can help you store your passwords so that you can log in to your accounts without facing any hassle.

#4: ConnectBot

This is an app which is famous among Linux system administrators for a very good reason. ConnectBot is an open-source, simple SSH client for Android which offers secured access for Linux admins to all remote servers. This app can handle simultaneous SSH sessions and create secure tunnels via which you can utilize a shell on the machine to transfer the files to and fro on your phone.

If you’re an IT professional eager to keep tech updates at the tip of your fingers, you can install the above mentioned apps in your smartphone to gain and keep an edge in business.

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