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Being women, we all love to look our best at all times. This is also true for most men but the choices and options for being stylish and fashionable are much more for women in the market.

The fashion and the makeup industries are billion-dollar industries in the world today and each one of us is impacted by the changes in trends and styling in the present world, as most of us are connected with each other on social media.

Following fashion trends is actually not a choice but like evolution. In spite of that, some clothing items have never gone out of style and are still the number one choice of clothing for many people as well as celebrities.

Saree is one such item of clothing. It does find its roots in the Indian subcontinent a very long time back. In recent years, the saree was commonly worn by women across the whole country and nowadays it is also known in foreign countries as one of the most graceful items of clothing.

Many types of sarees like cotton silk sarees are made with much greater effort and detail while some types are traditionally available in their native states or cities. Some of them are sought after by celebrities and even tourists who visit our country for some time.


Many of us have seen our mothers and grandmothers wearing sarees in their daily lives. Even before them, our great grandmothers and their ancestors would have worn sarees that were brought down in our families.

One of the best things about sarees is that they carry a lot of heritage and traditional values. Some women also drape their mother’s or their grandmother’s sarees and it still looks wonderful.

Unlike other clothing items, sarees have not gone out of style and continue to be one of the most elegant pieces of clothing available for women.

One can easily get a new blouse stitched and wear sarees that once belonged to their ancestors. If not that, then a saree can easily be bought at affordable prices in a variety of fabrics and colors like cotton silk saree.

Owning a saree is a must because they can be worn at different occasions like office parties, work, family gatherings, or important festivals and one can be sure that they would never go wrong with a saree.

Styling a saree is also easy and can be done in a number of ways like pairing them up with shoes or boots for an edgy look, wearing heavy silver jewelry with them to make a statement, or just go simple and let the charm of a saree do the talking.

Another good thing about sarees is that they accentuate the physical body’s features especially the curves of a woman’s body. No matter whether a woman is skinny or curvy, a saree is going to look good on them no matter their shape.

Sarees can also be worn in different drapings. Women across different states of India have learned and continued to drape their sarees in different ways like Bengali draping or the Gujrati style of wearing a saree. No matter what your choice, a saree would look good on you and you would definitely steal some eyes wherever you go.


In the Indian subcontinent, there is a variety of handicrafts and delicacies available across the states. Some types of sarees are also world-famous from India. Most of these are very old and traditional techniques of embroidery or fabric making but are considered very delicate and special. Many celebrities are also fond of wearing them in public gatherings.

  1. BANARASI SILK SAREES: one of the most costly sarees available in India, these are a favorite of a number of women. They are known for their silver of gold brocade work and embroidery on fine silk.
  2. CHIKAN SAREES: chikan embroidery is a very widely known work of thread in pastel colors. Chikan work finds its roots in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This embroidery is also found on kurtis, suits, and lehengas apart from sarees.

One of the most delicate works on fine fabrics, they are also a favorite of many people and worn by the elite class.

  1. KANJEEVARAM SAREES: a specialty of Southern parts of India, especially Tamil Nadu, these sarees are also considered one of the most beautiful in the whole world.

They are also silk based sarees with a sheen of gold in the fabric with heavy borders and are worn by women on special occasions and even weddings.

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Raj Hirvate
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