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Essential Holiday Furnace Maintenance

The holiday is just around the corner—which means it’s time to schedule a furnace repair in Tyler, TX to make your home warm during the season. Keeping your equipment working in peak performance and your home comfortable can be easy when you follow the basic maintenance rules.

Essential Holiday Furnace

Get your home and furnace ready for the holiday with these expert heating maintenance tips.

Check Your System’s Wirings

This holiday, some unwanted guests may come into your house and cause trouble during the celebration. Mice, rodents, and other small animals seek shelter as the weather outside gets colder—and your furnace could be their best shelter. They don’t only leave unpleasant odor inside the system, but also costly damages when not checked earlier. When this happens, bring in the pros for expert furnace repair in Tyler, TX.

Having the interior parts cleaned and the wirings checked will avoid loose connections and electrical shortages as the holiday festivities go on.

Give Your Air Filters Some Attention

Before your family and guests gather for a fun Christmas evening, make sure you have your filters checked and replaced to avoid health-related hazards. Clean filters can effectively trap airborne particles better than dirty ones.

However, it is important to note that the quality and type of air filters you use dictates how frequently they need to be changed. For instance, if you use charcoal or fiberglass filters, you need to replace them once every month. Pleated air filters, on the other hand, should be changed once every three months. If you are unsure, feel free to check with your local HVAC company or schedule a furnace repair in Tyler, TX for expert services.

Manage Your Indoor Temperature Wisely

Many homeowners fall victim to many heating misconceptions—and one of which is turning up the heat for their guests. Remember this: not because you have many guests doesn’t mean you’ll be running your furnace in full blast.

During the holiday, you’ll undoubtedly use your oven for an extended period, which adds enough heat indoors. Also, your guests’ body temperature can add up quickly and make your home warmer. There’s no need to set your thermostat higher. Instead, turn it down to save more energy and money during the holidays.

Mind Your Duct System

Your ductwork plays a major role in your comfort and saving. It should be in good condition not only during the holidays but also for the rest of the season. Split, perforated, and fallen ducts can cause problems in the overall operation of your furnace and your family’s comfort.

Those damages can cause air leaks, hot and cold spots, and poor airflow when left unresolved. The worse is you may shell out money for an expensive furnace repair in Tyler, TX when damages become major. Inspect your duct before the holiday so you can achieve an uninterrupted celebration with your loved ones.

Schedule a Furnace Check

Getting a furnace check with your trusted local HVAC company will prepare your system for the holiday and beyond. The service will ensure that even the smallest issues are addressed and prevented from becoming costly. Your technician will perform some tests and professional furnace repair in Tyler, TX, so the system will work smoothly and efficiently.

There’s no better time to prepare your furnace for a holiday than now! You don’t want your family and guests to spend the holiday night chilling because your furnace breaks down.

Schedule your furnace repair in Tyler, TX with Maddox Residential & Commercial Services today to enjoy uninterrupted comfort and fun during the holidays.

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