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Emus4u App – Gaming Emulators Store For iPhone

Of all the Cydia alternatives released over the last few years, Emus4U has shown itself to be one of the most popular for the mobile iOS devices. Alongside a couple of useful and cool Cydia tweaks, Emus4U app also provides access to a huge amount of modified apps and games. It also works on Android, allowing users of both platforms to download content their own app stores simply don’t supply.

Emus4u App - Gaming Emulators Store for iPhone

Emus4U App Features:

One of the main reasons why Emus4U appStore is so popular is that it is home to a number of games emulators. At one time you would have needed Cydia to get these but, thanks to this app, now you can get them whether you use a jailbreak or not.

As well as being user-friendly and having the very best in customer service, the app also provides categorized content. This will make it a whole lot easier for you to find the app, tweak, or game that you want:

  • App Store Apps – iOS and Android app store apps and games
  • Exclusive Apps – third-party apps that won’t go in the app store – screen recorders, streaming apps with cool features, games emulators and other tweaks
  • Tweaked Apps – a selection of stock apps with extra features, making them more functional and user-friendly
  • Modified Games – a choice of modified games with unlocked features available, including unlimited lives/coins/gems, all in-app upgrades and more

But there is more to this app – you also get a built-in screen recorder, a number of themes so you can customize the app, and a tool to help you clean your device of junk and temporary files.

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How to Download Emus4U:

Emus4U works on all versions of iOS. Follow the installation guide below.

This method involves downloading the configuration profile onto your device:

  1. Using the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad tap the download button on the Emus4U App Page .
  2. Tap Allow on the popup message, and an app page opens
  3. Tap Install, so the profile has permission to download and wait for your Settings app to open
  4. Tap Install Profile and type your passcode in
  5. Safari will open, tap Install > Install
  6. When Settings opens, tap Install > Next and Done on the final page
  7. When the installation process has finished, Emus4U will be on your homepage.
  8. If it isn’t there, repeat these steps – there have been reports of it taking a couple of attempts to get it installed.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Before using Emus4U,  you will need to fix a simple error – the Untrusted Developer error. Apple shows this the first time you use unofficial content, and you cannot continue until it is fixed:

  1. Open Settings > General and tap Profiles & Device Management
  2. Find and tap on the relevant profile name
  3. Tap on Trust and close Settings – the app is now ready to use

Fixing Emus4U Errors:

There are two errors that you may come across when you use Emus4U, but neither is difficult to resolve:

White/Blank Screen:

These steps also apply if the app icon is greyed out:

  1. Open Settings and go to Safari
  2. Tap on Clear Website Data
  3. Close Settings

Everything should be normal now

SSL Errors:

This may appear when you are downloading Emus4U:

Method 1:

  1. Close every tab on Safari and close the browser down
  2. Make sure all apps are closed on your device – use your app switcher if needed
  3. Wait for a few minutes and then download the app again – it should work

If it doesn’t work, try this:

Method 2:

  1. Again, close all Safari tabs and apps on your device
  2. Turn your device off completely
  3. Wait a minute or two and reboot it
  4. Try again; Emus4U should work

Emus4U is definitely proving popular, not least because of the games emulators. It’s free to use, no jailbreak needed and takes a minute to download – it’s well worth a look, and it could change the way you download your apps in the future.

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