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Employee Monitoring Software Benefits

Teleworking is the new modality of the 21st century in different parts of the world. Now there is a monitoring software, which is convenient for workers and employers, to measure task duration times and thus pay the fair.

Employee Monitoring Software Benefits

It is not a secret that the way of working in the 21st century has changed. All this thanks to technology, because many of the things that were generally done in the office can now be done from home. That is why the concept of teleworking is becoming increasingly stronger in different parts of the world.

 If you are still worried and you wonder how to track employees working from home  or have some fear of implementing this way of working in your company, now there are different technological tools, like Monitask, that can be your allies in this process.

How to monitor your employees?

The implementation of teleworking in companies is becoming a trend because it is giving more importance to the results or goals that can be met within an agreed work schedule, than the fact of going to the office and getting to do the same that can be done from home, not only because some activities allow it and technology facilitates it, but also because the time it can take to go to the office, depending on the city and means of transportation that exist, can be considered as lost or unproductive time.

However, if you still have some mistrust in this method is because you think that from the office you do not have the ability to know what your employees do, let alone know if they actually spend the time they say, when submitting report on the tasks performed. That is why acquiring a telecommuting monitoring software in the cloud is becoming increasingly necessary.

Benefits of aEmployee Monitoring Software

If you believe that technology is capable of solving certain human needs or simply making life easier, this type of software in the cloud complies with those characteristics because it allows:

  • Measure the time your collaborators have dedicated to the company, from their arrival time to the time of departure, either from home or anywhere else
  • Knowing if you spend endless hours on YouTube, watching your Facebook profile, for example, or any other social network, or browsing other pages that have nothing to do with your daily activities contracted.
  • Perform screen capture in real time
  • Generate online reports

But if you do not want your employees to know about the monitoring you perform from your computer or cell phone, there is monitoring in spy or incognito mode, which you can activate from your office so that it starts working from the moment you turn on the computer. Then the use of this software in your company will not only help you to control but also increase productivity, since your collaborators will dedicate their time for which you have hired them; as well as pay for the time worked and achieve the objectives or goals proposed for your company.

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