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EBS Testing On AWS And It’s Benefits

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are considered mission-critical by most companies, and cloud usage is becoming increasingly popular throughout new construction, upgrade, and relocation programs. Because I’ve managed Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) projects in both conventional on-premise and cloud hosting settings, I’ve discovered that AWS provides significant benefits over on-premise systems.

Benefits Of AWS For EBS

Even while companies continue spending money on ebs testing upgrades, many of them are fed up with the exorbitant costs and long delivery times. Multiple Oracle database and application environments must be installed and supported on one EBS production server. These various settings then allow functional setup, development, software and user acceptability testing, data integration and data translation, orientation, verification and validation and pre-production performance measurement.

Multiple settings come at a high expense in terms of both money and time spent managing them. Because of its versatility, deploying EBS on the AWS Cloud might be a very cost-effective choice for your settings. With EC2 instances, you only pay when they’re operating, so turning them off after hours might save you money. Another benefit of using AWS instance rescheduling is that it may save you up to 71% on the cost of running several quasi environments. A monthly availability of 29%, from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, 21 work days each month, is 10 hours per day.

Benefits Of AWS For EBS

Given below are some of the benefits of using AWS for EBS and you should check them out to know more about their details:

  • Flexibility and Pace- Conventional on-premises installations include a lengthy procurement method that necessitates a significant up-front financial investment and several approvals. AWS enables you to create new infrastructure, including EBS environments, quickly and without incurring any upfront costs or commitments.
  • Environment Provision is also agile- When working with on-premise settings, you’re generally restricted to a small number of options. Adding new settings requires a lot of time and effort, and in certain cases, is just not doable. You may build as many changing environments as you need in minutes using AWS’s cloud computing services. A separate working environment for each big project allows teams to run independently without meddling with one another.
  • Scalability and Environment Size- When using on-premise distribution, infrastructures can be too big or too small for the first phases, and IT teams may not be able to handle future expansion. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you only pay for the capacity you use, not the time it takes to utilise it.
  • Testing Application Performance- When it comes to EBS projects, the standard performance testing environment is a full-sized copy of the manufacturing environment. This is because load testing must be performed in a realistic environment. This high-end testing environment is an expensive CapEx expenditure if you employ a typical on-premises method because you only use it during testing. Before making any significant changes to an EBS system, you should run performance tests to ensure everything is working as it should. Due to the high expenses, some clients only test their application’s performance in the early phase using the production infrastructure that is about to be implemented. Later versions may not be subjected to performance testing because of the high cost and absence of an appropriate performance infrastructure. A performance-testing environment may be rapidly and simply built for the duration of the performance management process and only utilised when needed on the AWS Cloud. Reducing your spending is as simple as simply paying for the capability that you really utilise.


There are several reasons why you should use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for implementing EBS. The above article can help you design, develop, and operate a cloud based EBS system on AWS to fulfil your company requirements.

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