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Easy Solutions To Pair Airpods To Your Preferred PS4

Connecting AirPods to PS4

One of the nicest gifts a gamer can offer themself is their own PlayStation console. Yet, these are not exactly inexpensive. Hence, users cannot be blamed if they choose to use their dependable AirPods instead of spending extra money on certain gaming headsets right now. One issue persists: Bluetooth audio is still not supported by the PlayStation 4.

Connecting AirPods to PS4

They don’t appear to be adding this characteristic any time soon, either. This can make users decide to invest more of user’s hard-earned money on some headsets for the PS4 or opt for inexpensive wired headphones. Don’t give up hope just yet, though!

Unsupported or not, our simple guide will assist users through some smart hacks on how to wirelessly connect their AirPods to their PlayStation console. The blog also offers advice on how to fix any audio problems they might run into. Yes, is the short response? Users may use AirPods to game on user’s preferred PlayStation system, but there are certain things to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, users cannot connect their wireless headphones to their console using Bluetooth like they can with any of the certified PlayStation wireless controllers.

Why then didn’t Sony simply include complete Bluetooth capabilities unique and fresh?

According to Sony’s official statement, the Bluetooth profiles used by PS systems differ from those employed by the majority of Bluetooth devices. Simply explained, PS consoles are incompatible with conventional Bluetooth devices. Yet, there are a number of reasons why Sony won’t integrate Bluetooth audio into its gaming consoles, including latency and signal interference issues.

Compared to corded headphones, wireless headphones use a different method of audio transmission. The audio signals must be continuously compressed and decompressed in order to be heard. This procedure could result in audio delays.

Since wireless controllers are commonly used by gamers, having in-built Bluetooth audio capabilities could interfere with the signal. This can be problematic, particularly in video games. When being played, they demand accuracy and dexterity. A major lag while online matches is the absolute last thing that gamers desire. After all, one of the main attractions of the PlayStation home consoles is online gaming.

Can users chat with different kinds of gamers on the PS4 using AirPods?

PS4 using AirPods

There is one drawback to this method, even if this post describes how to link AirPods to PS4: Users can’t talk with other players users are playing with, even though AirPods comprise a microphone. This is so that audio from the PS4 can only be sent to users’ headphones via the majority of Bluetooth adapters, not the other way. Users will need headphones developed expressly for the PS4 for that (or various different gaming consoles).

Yet a Bluetooth adaptor is a terrific choice if all users want to do is listen to audio quietly.

Steps to Connect PS4 to AirPods?

  1. Ensure the AirPods are charged. The same applies if the Bluetooth adaptor runs on batteries. (For example, the AirFly Duo, needs battery power since it plugs into the PS4 controller’s headphone jack. Some Bluetooth adapters connect to the PS4’s internal USB ports and don’t require a power source.)
  2. Plug the PS4 into the Bluetooth adaptor.
  3. Start pairing with the Bluetooth adaptor. Check the commands that came with the user’s device to find out exactly how to do this.
  4. Open the charging case while the AirPods are still within it, then press and hold the synchronization button.
  5. Press the button down till the Bluetooth adapter’s lights stop to blinking. This signifies that the adapter and AirPods are now paired.
  6. Check the PS4’s settings to ensure that the user’s PS4 is being transmitted to the AirPods. Next select Audio Devices under Devices in Settings.
  7. The Audio Devices panels allow users to adjust two crucial settings:
  8. Change the Bluetooth adapter’s menu to the appropriate option under Output Device, such as Headphones Connected to Controller.
  9. Set All Audio for the Headphone Output setting. In the (Headphones) Volume Control menu, users may also regulate the volume of the audio that the PS4 sends to the user’s AirPods.
  10. After then, the AirPods will receive all audio from PS4 and users can begin playing!

#1) Pairing the Receiver to the AirPods

Pairing the Receiver to the AirPods

When users have their receiver, connect it to the PS4. Relying on the dongle users own, it can have a light to show when it is turned on. It should have a sync button; push it, then open the AirPods case and press the button behind to pair the two. Certain USB dongles will flash their light while they are synchronizing; this light will stop flashing once they have successfully synced. If the controller has an AUX 3.5mm plug, like the one that came using the Game3Gear dongle mentioned above, put it in right away.

Go to Settings, then Devices, then Audio Devices on PS4 after pairing the AirPods and receiver. From here, choose Input Devices and confirm that Headset Attached to Controller is selected. Set USB Headphones as the output device (USB Audio Device). Last but not least, make sure users select All Audio and set the output to Headphones. AirPods can now be used with the user’s PS4 in this manner.

The same procedures apply if users only want in-game audio and don’t want to use a microphone; just stop once they have set up the settings of Output Device. Although certain USB receivers may operate differently, they all generally follow the same fundamental procedures for synchronizing to Bluetooth headphones.

#2) 3rd Party Dongles

3rd Party Dongles

Just attempting to sync AirPods to the PS4 won’t work since the console doesn’t allow Bluetooth audio. 3rd party receivers or dongles are useful in that situation. Users will see that even Sony-branded Gold, Silver, and Platinum headsets still need to be used with a dongle, so using one with other Bluetooth headphones is not rare either.

The major dongle suggested is the Avantree Leaf Long Range USB (Universal Serial Bus) Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter, with multiple applications but, most importantly, works with the user’s PS4 AirPods. One of the most popular adapters for using AirPods with the PS4 is this receiver, which is sold on Amazon for about USD 35 (the green one is relatively less expensive).

The DEWIN Bluetooth Dongle Adapter is advised if users are searching for something a little less pricey. This dongle costs $14 on Amazon and functions nicely, although it takes a little more work to get it going. Nonetheless, it costs around half as much as the Avantree Leaf, so it may be worthwhile.

A small number of internet users have asserted that they can pair AirPods with no USB receiver, but we were unable to verify this, and the vast majority of users concur. Users need a USB receiver in order to link Bluetooth headphones with a PS4, barring a patch that fixes this.


Although having numerous functions, Sony’s PS5 and PS4 consoles are only compatible with Bluetooth earphones and headphones made by the company. As a result, it is formally impossible to pair some gadgets, like AirPods, with them. Unofficially, the narrative is different since there is a way to get around this limitation. The blog’s guide provides users with a variety of alternatives as needed. Tell us how these steps helped.


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