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Dxracer Vs. Akracing: The Best Gaming Chair Brand

Getting the right gaming chair is a necessity rather than a luxury. It comes with much more benefits than otherwise believed. From it, you get better muscle, joint, and body health, thanks to their comfortably cushioned design that makes gaming even after long periods painless. Using the right gaming chair brings out the difference in a gamer that keeps complaining about back and neck pains, fatigue and burnout, and one that feels healthy, fresh and expectant of successful gaming. It is evident that you would first think about the top gaming chair models in the industry at this point, and this is where DXRacer and AKRacing brands come in. With some of their models looking quite similar especially to new gamers and buyers, it becomes challenging to know which one exactly to pick. Therefore, we thought that making a comparison of these two top brands would act as a useful guide for you to choose the best.

The Best Gaming Chair Brand


As mentioned above, some of the models from DXRacer and AKRacing bear quite a similar physical appeal. They are both well cushioned for support and comfort, with some of them coming with a lumbar support cushion and headrest pillow, which are both removable. They all feature a 5-point base with five strong casters, an adjustable height that can be set via a lever under the chair and they are all swivel chairs. They also feature the bucket seat design that replicates the seats of racing cars, for maximum comfort and support during gaming.


Since DXRacer and AKRacing are the top gaming seat brands preferred by pro gamers across the world, it goes to say that excellence is a matter of necessity. By being adjustable, it becomes easier for each chair to cater for a wider variety of gaming needs, thus no need to make a different brand for every gaming need and gamer size. Both of these gaming chair brands have adjustable heights, adjustable and removable lumbar support and headrest pillows, adjustable armrests and tilting and reclining backrests. While the settings and controls for these may be different, the fact remains that they can be adjusted to fit every gamer’s needs.

All gaming chair series under these two models come with a 2-year warranty each. This warranty caters for repairs within the first two years of ownership.


Models Available.
The DXRacer have 13 different models including the Origin, Elite, Formula, Racing, Drifting, Work, Valkyrie, Classic, Iron, King, Sentinel, Boss and Tank series. The AKRacing originally had four main models including the Core, Masters, Legacy, and Office series. However, the Legacy series that has nine models, which include the K7, Nitro, Prime, Octane, Player, Overture, Prox, Premium and Onyx, is no longer available, leaving us with only three main series. The Core series includes the EX, EX-Wide, LX and SX models. The Masters series includes the Pro, Premium and Max models, while the Office series includes the Onyx, Opal, and Obsidian, models.

Maximum Weight Limit.
If you are a gamer on the lower to the average range of weight, then this shouldn’t bother you much. However, if you are on the higher range, then this is the area to pay attention. The DXRacer gaming seats have different maximum weights they can support, ranging from 180 to 450 pounds. On the other hand, AKRacing models have a maximum weight capacity ranging from 180 to 400 pounds. While 50 pounds may seem like an insignificant difference, it matters a lot for people weighing above 400 pounds, making the best gaming chair DXRacer series the winner under this category.

A gaming chair’s upholstery plays a major role in making it comfortable for long hours of gaming. The best upholstery for a gaming chair should be strong and durable, yet breathable and soft. The DXRacer gaming chairs feature three upholstery options to choose from: polyurethane material, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and fabric. On the other hand, AKRacing gaming chairs have only two options including fabric and artificial leather. The fabric is usually the best regarding durability while polyurethane, artificial leather, and PVC are easy to clean, and in this case, DXRacer wins for having an extra option for the gamer.

Height Limit.
Just like weight limit, the height limit of a gaming chair will determine the tallest person that can sit on the chair comfortably, so the higher, the better. DXRacer gaming chairs have a height limit that ranges from 5’9” to 6’7”, which accommodates taller people as compared to the AKRacing gaming chairs whose height limit ranges from 5’5” to 6’4”. While the difference may seem like just a few inches, to some, this variance does matter a great deal. In correspondence with the height limit is also the size limit. DXRacer tends to cater to a wider variety of gamer sizes, ranging from smaller frames to larger frames. On the other hand, AKRacing only caters for people within the small to average frame size range, which leaves out the heavier and bigger statures.

Backrest Tilt and Recline.
The ability to tilt or recline the backrest of your gaming chair makes it possible to rest in a horizontal position whenever you feel exhausted, and resume a vertical position when you want to continue gaming. The DXRacer gaming chairs feature two tilt mechanisms: the multi-functional tilt mechanism and the conventional tilt mechanism. These two work differently to ensure that you can lock your seat in place or rock it between 1 to 17 degrees. These chairs’ backrests also have a recline angle of 135 degrees. On the other hand, AKRacing gaming chairs feature two tilt mechanisms: the pro/advanced mechanism and the standard seat mechanism. These also allow you to either lock your seat in place or have it rock between 1 to 18 degrees. The AKRacing seat backrests can also recline from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, making it possible to sleep on them. All these adjustments can be made via the levers located at the side of the chairs.

Final Verdict.
The choice of the best gaming chair should never be based on its physical appearance only or recommendations from YouTube. Some of these are simply marketing fads, and you may end up regretting later. You have to thoroughly go through the features of the gaming chair and see if it works for you. From this review, DXRacer models win, but if you are on a low budget and you lie within the small to average size, height, and body weight ranges, then the AKRacing gaming chairs will be ideal. However, if you are on the higher range of the size, height, and weight spectrum, and you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra, then definitely go for the DXRacer models. You also have to consider the availability of the AKRacing and DXRacer brands depending on your current location before ordering for one.

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