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DSLR Vs Smartphone Camera- A Never-Ending Battle

The convenience of using a smartphone for photography is matchless. Since a smartphone fits in your pocket so easily, all you need to do is whip it out and take a photograph whenever you feel like taking it. Having said that, the fact that can never overlook is that a DSLR camera comes with more functionality since it is just a dedicated photography device. Those who love photography often end up taking professional photographs. But, they too face the time when they have to deal with the limitations of the cell phone camera.

DSLR Vs Smartphone Camera

Quality of pictures:

It is a popular misconception that a camera with higher megapixels can give better quality pictures. However, many other factors contribute to a high-quality picture such as the quality of the hardware that has been used, the capability of the lens to capture the scene and the colour saturation that the camera can bring to the photograph.

In terms of all these mentioned factors, a DSLR surely has more capability. Your phone’s camera might be giving you a picture with denser pixels in it, DSLR has so many other variables to pull together. Investing in the camera such as Canon DSLR camera at Georges Camera can be the best option that can be found.


Since DSLR is a dedicated camera, it interprets the subject more clearly and hence, gives a better result. Your phone’s camera with high resolution might make a good mix and match of the background with the subject, DSLR is more capable of giving a better image with color hues because this is what it has been made for. Although a smartphone is handier than a DSLR, it is not well equipped to meet your exact needs.


Cost is the biggest factor that makes it easy for people to choose between two devices. People prefer smartphones over DSLR even if it breaks their bank since it is loaded with many other features. DSLR is worth the investment for those who are fond of photography and seeking an opportunity to enter the photography profession.

Camera storage:

A smartphone you have paid a huge price for will give you a lot of space for storing camera pictures, videos and other smartphone data. However, not everyone finds it to be a good option to buy a smartphone that costs them an arm and a leg.

As far as DSLR is concerned, it has to handle and keep your videos and pictures in storage that take considerable space. It also enables you to use an SD card as a secondary storage device. So, if you keep expanding the storage, you are never going to run out of it

The bottom line:

You are never going to regret buying a smartphone or a DSLR since both nails it when it comes to photography. All you need to do is consider your personal preferences and budget to go for what you find appropriate.

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