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DSers – A Powerful Dropshipping Tool: Promote Your Business to Next Level

Do you want to start an online business in 2022? If you want and you do not have a brilliant business idea. The post is where you need to go. Here, I will introduce a dropshipping tool – DSers to you. With it, you can start a profitable but risk-free online business easily.

Thus, what is DSers? What are its key e-commerce features and how does it benefit you? No hurry, let’s keep reading to know.

What Is DSers

If you are searching ‘dropshipping’ on Shopify App Store, you may get plenty of results. DSers ( the link could be no follow) is one of these top-ranked dropshipping tools. DSers is an official AliExpress dropshipping solution, which is aimed at helping dropshippers grow AliExpress dropshipping business successfully and easily. In addition, with one DSers account, dropshippers are able to manage & scale online stores among Shopify, Wix, and Woocommerce stores. You will only need one click to switch among your multiple stores on the same page. DSers is whitelisted by AliExpress, so it’s quite time-saving for dropshippers to place an unlimited number of orders to AliExpress in seconds without restriction. 

Dropshipping Store with DSers

Key Features of DSers

Now, we have known what DSers is, let’s explore main e-commerce features that DSers provide for dropshippers.

Supplier Optimizer: If you are planning to filter out the most proper suppliers for your products on sale, Supplier Optimizer is exactly what you need

Bulk Order: If you are stuck in placing orders one by one the Bulk Order feature cn solve the problem for you by placing 100s of orders to AliExpress in a few seconds

Variants Mapping: What’s Variants Mapping? A DSers feature helping you to map your products to any AliExpress supplier without making any changes on your store

Stock Management: Are you worried about your stock? The Stock Management will update product stock from AliExpress to DSers automatically

Shipping Settings: You have to pre-select shipping method according to the order destination since you need to ensure your benefits

Automatic Pricing: Dropshipping allows dropshippers sell products at market value. Thus, Pricing Rule is vital. This feature is to mark up your product price automatically

Multiple Stores Management: You can sell from multiple channels, one problem you may encounter is store management. DSers allows you to link and manage multiple stores with one DSers account on one dashboard

Why DSers

Why should you choose DSers to help you ? Actually, DSers is the most suitable and easy-to-use dropshipping tool for AliExpress online e-commerce. With DSers, it’s quite simple to manage your orders, optimize your shipping costs, and find the right and cheaper suppliers based on intelligent data searches.

  • DSers that is powered by an AI engine helps you find the right supplier . You will not confront any difficulty when reaching a better and cheaper seller for every order. It will optimize this for you automatically.
  • DSers help you save a lot of time by placing hundreds of orders at once. You can place as many orders as you want with the help of the tool.
  • DSers will synchronize your order details with one dashboard to make it easy for you to check.
  • When a customer inquires about an order, you can view and solve the problem directly from the dashboard.
  • Orders placed from DSers can be bundled. You will not encounter any problems when creating a bundled order.


With the help of dropshipping tools like DSers, you can analyze the health of your dropshipping stores and simplify the process of order fulfillment. Moreover, these tools can easily reduce cart abandonment rates on online shopping carts and help your store attract more potential consumers.

If you want to start dropshipping in 2022, don’t hesitate to reach DSers to help you. You are able to know details about DSers and more pricing plans for Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce here.

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