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Download these Mental Health Apps Today

There are numerous great apps available today that can really help with your mental health.  

We have looked through dozens and with the help of a Chicago psychiatry practice have come to the conclusion that the ones below are among the best.  

Mental Health Apps

Headspace – Headspace can be downloaded on both Android and IOS systems for free. This app uses meditation and mindfulness to help improve your outlook and reduce your stress levels. The main goal of Headspace is to provide its users with the tools that they need to enjoy a healthier and happier life. Whether you want to calm your mind and reduce your stress or work on building healthier relationships with your family and friends, the app has you covered. With Headspace, you will find hundreds of mindfulness and/or meditation sessions. Mindfulness and meditation help to improve your concentration and attention levels, while reducing stress. Additionally, Headspace is reported to increase your compassion towards others in only 3 weeks. 

Moodnotes – Moodnotes is available for download on IOS devices for $3.99. Moodnotes is a mood diary and journal. The app allows you to write down your feelings. The app also uses positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy to improve the way you think. You can track your mood to help determine the things that can influence your moods. Soon, you will learn to notice “traps” in the way you think. Once these traps are realized, you will be able to develop new ways of thinking. If you find that you have entered a trap in your thinking, Moodnotes will offer suggestions and perspectives to help reduce your stress levels and improve your overall happiness and well-being. The Insights dashboard allows you to track your progress. 

Moodpath – Moodpath is available for free on both IOS and Android devices. This app will quickly become your mental health companion. If you are going through difficulties or are simply concerned with your mental health, the app will support you and lead you through all of your difficulties. The app asks daily questions to help assess your psychological health and mood and will screen for any depression symptoms. These questions will help to make you aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. After two weeks, the app will generate a document that can help you discuss your mood with your healthcare provider. There are over 150 videos and exercises to help you understand your mood and improve your mental health. 

Pacifica – Pacifica is a free app available on both IOS and Android devices to help you deal with anxiety and stress. The app has a toolbox for daily stress and anxiety. It also offers a community of support. Pacifical teaches you how to break unhealthy thought cycles and behaviors using mood tracking, relaxation techniques, mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy. Pacifica offers activities and audio lessons as well as offering daily challenges to help you overcome activities.

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