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DoNotPay Automates Customer Service With First Consumer Grade Robodialer

Whether you are dissatisfied with product or service quality, experiencing issues on the company’s websites, or simply trying to reset your account credentials, you’ve probably thought about contacting the company’s customer service. They should have all the answers you need, right?

Unfortunately, getting in touch with a customer service department of any major company can be a true nightmare. You have to deal with annoying answering machines, go through the seemingly endless phone tree, bore yourself to death while waiting on hold, and overall waste a whole hour on trying to reach help. In fact, the average customer service waiting time is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. If you’re out of luck, the numbers could soar and you may spend over an hour on hold! 

But that’s just the beginning of it. In rare cases, you might actually reach a company rep who can solve your problem and your time wouldn’t be completely wasted. Not everyone is that lucky. Quite often, you will spend minutes and minutes waiting only to have your call ignored. Major companies receive thousands of complaints every day and might be understaffed, so it’s likely you won’t manage to reach a live employee on your first try. 

Written complaints are even worse. If you hope your angry email or social media post will make the company solve your issue faster, think again. In the best-case scenario, you will get a reply in several days. Most likely, your complaint will be completely ignored. 

If this sounds all too familiar, you will be glad to hear that DoNotPay has come up with an easy way to get in touch with a customer service rep without wasting your precious time. All you need is the DoNotPay app!

DoNotPay is a service that will do all the work for you. Here is how the process works:

  1. Open the app and click on the customer support option.

  2. Write the name of the company you want to reach.

  3. Let DoNotPay do the rest.

Once you have entered the name of the company, the app will call the customer service for you. You will see a timer with the estimated waiting time. While waiting, you can go on about your day as usual. Since you won’t have to hold your phone all the time, you’ll be free to do whatever makes you happy. Once we reach a customer representative that can solve your problem, you will get a notification. All you need to do is pick up and start chatting with a company’s employee. If you want to record your communication with the company rep for legal reasons, the app can take care of it for you. As soon as you and the employee pick up, you will both hear an automated message notifying you that the conversation is being recorded. 

You can easily download the app from Apple’s App Store. If you’re not an iPhone user, you can open the app in any web browser you like. 

Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, strongly criticized the inefficiency of customer support services and their lack of respect for the customers. “These big companies are getting away with a lot.” Seeing that companies aren’t paying much attention to customer service complaints, Browder decided to create an app that will serve as a sort of digital lawyer and fight for the customers’ rights. 

 "I think that the average person doesn't really have an advocate to fight for them. The short-term vision is just to build really useful products that help people fight back. The long-term vision is almost a consumer union where we can actually go to these companies and say, 'We have 5 million DoNotPay users and 5 million of your customers. If you don't start treating them better, we'll switch them to your competitor overnight.'”. 

Find out how DoNotPay can help with your customer service issues now.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
Brian is a business editor who writes about various topics such as technology, health and finance. He works along with the colourful folks that build a nation through tech startups. He is also a professional football player and video games enthusiast.


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