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Docs.Zone: Combining PDF File Online

In this modern era, the most commonly applied digital file format is Portable Document Format or PDF. Adobe Systems Inc. established this file format in the year 1990. Since its inception it has dominated the online format sector and strongly competes with MS Word.

PDF format maintains its integrity independently and in this increasingly digitisation era it helps to convert various digital file formats. If you do not possess the appropriate conversion tool then access to documents in different formats is a puzzling task.


Use of computers has escalated and it has become a necessity to invest in several tools, which help them to convert, combine and protect vital documents. Expert IT professionals have designed independent tools that are capable to take care of these tasks. These smart and user friendly tools are available online. You can attain a trail version and after getting familiar with the beneficial features get a paid version.

Docs.Zone is an online PDF converter tool designed to provide variety of conversion services. This is a tool that needs no downloading or installing conversion software but the whole process is performed on their website. Different mainstream file formats supported by Docs.Zone are MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG, and PDF.

Conversion Services Includes

  • Create PDF files
  • Convert web pages into PDF
  • Conversion of MS Word to PDF
  • Combining different files into PDF
  • PDF to Excel/Word
  • PDF to Images

Thus, you can manage and convert PDF files from one format to another easily. Users are finding this online process simple and easy to use. Instructions are provided that helps you to start document merger process.

Key Instructions for Smooth Combining of Needed Documents in Details

  • Load Docs.Zone web page into your browser
  • The page includes tabs for different conversion and merging solutions. It appears simple and clutter-free
  • Switch to the tab that reads ‘Combine PDF files
  • Browse your computer to select the necessary files
  • After selecting all the documents, click on the ‘Start button
  • Allow the combining tool to perform the remaining task
  • As soon as the combining process concludes, you get a notification
  • Press download tab and attain the converted file into your computer
  • The converted files have to be downloaded in six hours, after conversion because the website stores it for just a specific time period of 6 hours

Advantages of Using Docs.Zone Conversion Services

  • Extremely intuitive interface is interesting and brilliant assistant for users
  • Helps users to handle the merger of multiple documents in minimum possible time
  • Once users sign up with Docs.Zone, just login and start the necessary conversion, combining and downloading process
  • The conversion process is quick, so ongoing tasks can be managed on-time without delays
  • You work never suffers because this smart online tool is available 24/7
  • All PDF documents appear exactly the same to everyone. Original feel is needed, especially for handling tax return forms, application forms, invoices, tender documents, and more
  • PDF document can be magnified a hundred times, which is vital to view charts and graphs in details. Users can use Docs.Zone tool to store and archive documents in a highly compressed medium
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