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Do You Know You Can Make Money While Having Fun On These Platforms?

Have you been really sitting and thinking about how to spend your leisure hours in a fun and exciting way? Or have you been looking for some extra income? Then surely, you have arrived at the correct destination. Read ahead to know more.

Make Money While Having Fun

Getting tired of sitting at home for the pandemic can be very frustrating. Attending the friends’ game night is also not possible in the foreseeable future. The only recreational options for playing games available are online gaming applications where you can engage with real players in real time. And the thrill gets doubled when you can easily make money while having fun from the comfort of your house. So, the next time you are getting bored, start playing your favourite games with your friends on video. Rest assured, you will have a wonderful time.

A Look At The Popular Platforms

Here are some of the best platforms available at GetMega, where you can earn easily while having the most pleasurable time –

1. GoPool

Are you all set to get in the Pool party? Ready to play the World’s most played variant of pocket billiards?

The 8 ball Pool game is a great amusement as you aim your cue stick correctly and with pristine and perfect speed to pocket all your balls. Pocketing the black ball marked as ‘8’ is necessary for finishing the game.

The game is very exciting when played against real players to win real money. Easily available on Android devices, the 8 ball pool has fantastic gaming attributes like life-like graphics, superb physics and user-friendly controls.

This is a great game to play and make money while having fun in your free hours. Showcase your gaming skills in the best money earning games apk!

2. Fruit Kaat

Ready to have some blithesome fun by cutting fruits? Here’s a juicy new match 3 game where all you have to do is just switch and match fruits. Easily found under the money earning games apk, Fruit Kaat is everyone’s favourite timepass.

So why not make money while having fun in your leisure hours? You can play it with real players in real time and earn real cash by winning the game.

Rule Book Of The Game

  • This match 3 style game can be played between 2-4 players.
  • Every player will start the game with 100 points, 50 health and with a fruit assigned.
  • The target of every player is to reach zero at their earliest, before their health runs out.
  • A chance of 3 swipes is given to every player before the allotted time exhausts.
  • You can swipe just up and down or left and right to match the fruits.
  • In case you match your opponents’ fruits, it’ll reduce their health by 3 units and your score by 3 points.
  • Matching your own fruit will increase your health by 3 points.
  • A player will be out of the game if the health reaches 0.
  • The winner of the game will be the player who scores 0 the fastest.

Perfect for a lazy afternoon, all you need to do is just swipe speedily to defeat your opponents and win real money. Psych up to slice, dice and get your prize.

3. Dots & Dash

Remember those days when you used to play those pen and paper games with your best friend? Connecting the dots and putting your initials to the boxes was a fun activity during those school days.

A very popular childhood game, the dots and boxes has always been fun to play. The fun and thrill will be doubled when the game is between real players, at real time, with real money involved.

The game looks simple on the surface. Unlike the other money earning games apk, this doesn’t require you to worry about ranks, jokers and sequences.

But it surely demands a good level of understanding, skill, strategy and planning to master. All you need to do here is just flaunt your skills by connecting the correct dots and claim more boxes than the other competitors.

How To Play —

  • GetMega allows 2 to 6 players to play together.
  • Each player will start the game with 10 fixed points. For winning the game, the player has to reduce the points and reach zero the fastest.
  • The game will start on an empty grid and every player will be assigned a particular colour, which will be the colour of the line they draw.
  • Each player has to draw a dash between any two neighbouring dots during their turn, within the allotted time.
  • Just simply tap between two dots to draw a dash.
  • If a player closes a box by drawing the last dash, the point reduces by 1 and an additional turn is awarded.
  • In case if a player fails to draw a line within their turn, the game will draw a line for them automatically.
  • The first player to reach zero is the winner. The sum of the points of the remaining players is awarded to the winner as a score. And the score multiplied by the point rate is the ultimate amount that the winner earns.

Download GetMega, showcase your expertise and win exciting real money. Here, you can easily make money while having fun.

So with these money earning games apk, you can easily make the most of your online gaming experience. The best part is that fun here comes along with rewards

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