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Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

Watching your cable channels straight from your PC is a luxury people demand these days. The best application that allows such a facility is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration application. This application needs software to be hosted and is quite effectively used for watching streaming channels directly from your computer.

The exe file responsible for this application is ehprivjob.exe. This will enable the streaming directly from digital tuners that are attached to your computer. This works similar to Digital TV. The application is supported by Window Media Centre and avails the TV-tuners of your computer.

Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

Safety concerns of Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application:

Security concerns on using this application should be seriously dealt with. This application tends to slow down your PC as it constantly tries to connect to the tuner of your computer.

When it comes to the security aspect, any small Antivirus software would block this application immediately fearing a security threat as this application is misconstrued to be liable for unwanted intrusions. However, this application is generally very safe and secure and does not pose any threat to your data security.

The .exe file responsible for this application causes slight glitches to your booting times making it a little slow to start up the system.

The necessity of removing the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration application:

The application is always in danger of being tracked by antivirus software and hence vulnerable to blockages. Hence, removing the application helps better in all sense. It can again be plugged in if there is a need.

Another incidence that has to be taken into consideration is the fact that the ehprivjob.exe file which executes the application tends to disrupt the system chores and block its full functionalities. Sometimes when you are working in the system and the application is plugged on, the distractions due to the file could slow down or block your work execution.

Hence removing the application, for the time being, will be good when you are involved in any other activities on your computer. If you feel the system could be free and out of activities, then the application need not be removed.

This application is the best alternative for people who use TV tuners in their system to watch channels. This application could aid the process of connecting the tuners and allow you to seamlessly watch the streaming channels.

Steps to find out if the application is disrupting your system:

If you have a hunch that your system is getting disrupted by the application, or the application is in any way slowing the progress of your system, then there is a definite way to check it. The below steps will clear your doubts without further ado.

  1. Open Task Manager.

Selet ehprivjob

  1. Navigate to the processor tab.
  2. If the ehprivjob.exe file runs in the background,
  3. Then close it.

It is that .exe file that is slowing down the processing of your PC. Removing it might pace up your CPU capacity to a larger extent.

Steps to remove the Digital TV Tuner device:

  1. Open the Run window.
  2. Press appwiz.cpl.
  3. The dialog box for Windows features on or off appears.
  4. Navigate to the Media features.
  5. Toggle off all the media player features.


  1. Click Yes and exit.

This will deactivate the Tuner TV app from your system making it more progressive and faster.

This is a temporary setup. Anytime you want to reactivate the tuner, you can always go and enable the features the same way mentioned before.

Removing the features permanently could completely shut you off from using the tuners. This is an excellent application that allows people the ability to tune channels according to their choice. Disabling that option would not allow any facilities regarding tuning the channels.


This application has been popular in recent times despite its flaws and issues. As people prefer the option of digital TV and the proximity to channels via their system, the tuning app has recently garnered a lot of attention. However, considering the progress and the affecting pace of the system which hosts the app, using it when deemed necessary seems to be the best option. Keeping the app constantly plugged in could be harmful to the capacity of your system. Using it scrupulously according to the needs and disabling it when unnecessary should be the right way.

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