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Digital Currency More than Doubles during the Start of 2019 – Few Trends to Watch Out For

During the start of 2019, Bitcoin surpassed the $8000 mark thereby extending the rally which saw digital currency to more than double its value after a very long span of time. As per data revealed by CoinDesk, a bitcoin website, Bitcoins exceeded $8325 before they surrendered few of its gains. The value of Bitcoin rose by more than 120% during the beginning of 2019. It was in the late 2017s that the value of Bitcoins rose to its all-time highs at around $20,000 due to the sudden interest showed by retail investors which sent the values at a drastically high level.

Currency More than Doubles during the Start of 2019

While there is enough negative news on Bitcoins doing rounds in the market, it’s no longer having a negative impact. The price of Bitcoin has recently set itself at base value and henceforth stories like HTC phones and Samsung carrying bitcoin or Amazon accepting digital currency is having an impact on consumers. there’s a lot of information about crypto singles but for now, Let’s take a look at the few cryptocurrency trends to expect in 2019.

Trend #1: Security token offerings will meet with surged demand

Since the years of inception of digital currency, scores of institutional investors had detested the idea of digital coins and this was mainly due to the fact that cryptocurrencies meant a lot of unnecessary frauds and scams. However, now in 2019, financial lawmakers are promoting the focus on Security Token Offerings due to which more investors are showing their new-found interest on the cryptocurrency market.

Trend #2: More resources of information for the masses

Apart from security measures, there are numerous experts and financial analysts who are offering more informative resource materials for the laymen so that there might be an influx of investors in the market who are aware of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Due to a large number of channels that are instantly available, there is an automatic increase in the number of online seminars, webinars, cryptocurrency trading software and follow-up tutorials for the adult teenagers who are growing interest in the cryptocurrency industry. You can read about effects of decentralized currency.

Trend #3: Low volatility of price

It was in 2017 that Bitcoins went through the volatility of price when the price plummeted to drastically low levels and soon surged to great heights within a span of few weeks. Keeping in mind, the losses that were incurred by the investors during that period, most of them felt baffled and jaded even in the following year. Nevertheless, in 2019, investors predict few subtle changes but with less price volatility than the previous years.

Trend #4: Advancements in blockchain technology

Due to the numerous security changes which are presently on their way, both the coin generators and companies will require investing in technological innovations in order to enhance the technologies related to blockchain. This will improve the transparency of the market and will also make it less vulnerable to fraudulent activities.

So, if you’re eagerly waiting to invest your dollars in the Bitcoin industry, keep in mind the above-listed trends so that you can plan your activities accordingly and gain returns.

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