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Crowdsourcing Software and Art – A Match Made in Heaven

Have you ever scrolled down your social media page and came across a piece of art so beautiful that you wanted it on your wall straight away? There are so many talented artists out there, but so few who actually make it to fame. Yet, you can perform a simple act of kindness and turn a hobby artists in a professional artist. And that simple act is using crowdsourcing software.

Crowdsourcing Software

Crowdsourcing Software for Art Commissions

True artists are slaves to their talent. They simply can do nothing else but create art, even though they are burdened by it because they struggle to earn a living with it. Their parents are disappointed in their lack of earning an income, their acquaintances call them “dead beat”, and the government does everything it can to get them into a legitimate job. It takes courage and strength to be an artist, and even more to share the works of art when facing so much criticism from the world around it. When an artist does share their work on social media and they wake up the next day to positive messages and comments, it can mean everything to them.

However, kind words, as nice as they are, don’t pay the bills. What can pay the bills, however, is crowdsourcing talent. The world is surrounded by art, and we often don’t realize that. Switch on a video game, open up a comic book, look at a new vehicle or house, and what you will see is art in the making, often through crowdsourcing. Most artists are storytellers, and they are constantly look for an opportunity to tell their next story, and this is what crowdsourcing can do for them.

On different crowdsourcing platforms, there could be a request for a new album cover, a new poster, a new vehicle design, a new billboard, and so on. These can be created by artists who also have the passion and talent to express their own creativity, but need to make a living. It is said, sometimes, that true artists have to struggle in life. That it is that struggle that transform them from being able to making good art, to making truly great art. However, that doesn’t have to be true. We live in a world where bills have to be paid, and while the struggle of an artist can be expressed in deep paintings or other works and pieces, artists can also express happiness through their work.

If we imagine the creations distressed, down on their luck artists make, and how beautiful those are, think about how beautiful things could be should those artists be in a positive place in their life. Art is subjective anyway – not everybody will like sawn in half cow in the style of Damien Hirst – but it is unquestionably beautiful. This beauty is something that can be accessed as an when necessary by using crowdsourcing software and platforms, giving artists the opportunity to express their vision.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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